The Wellness Clinic, Harrods

Stepping into the most luxurious department store in the world is always an experience. On the fourth floor, you’ll find the understated The Wellness Clinic. The background noise of excited shoppers is drowned out and you enter a very spacious lobby. In a museum-like display boasts a collection of the finest skincare on the market. 

Opt for the NYDG Runway facial, a non-invasive facial with instant results. A favourite amongst celebrities before walking the red carpet and is perfect for someone with a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Created by Dr David Colbert, the Runway Facial works to provide camera-ready, radiant skin with zero downtime. It combines advanced medical skincare technology using, infrared waves, light waves and photobionic waves, the treatment aims to deliver immediate lifting, hydrating and skin-brightening effects. 

This is not your usual facial, this is an affecting rejuvenating treatment using lasers and Colbert MD skincare products.



Harrods, Fourth Floor, 87-135 Brompton Road, London, SW1X 7XL