Three Exciting Wedding Entertainment Ideas

With weddings becoming ever more lavish affairs, couples everywhere are looking for ways to step up their celebrations. For most, having a unique form of wedding entertainment is a great way to really capture the hearts of their guests, and make their wedding one that stands out as the best of the season. To help inspire your grand vision, here are three exciting entertainment ideas to consider for your big day.

Hire a Live Artist

Guests love to see a professional artist in action as they paint the happy couple live on their wedding day. No matter whether they choose to illustrate an intimate snippet of the ceremony or capture the newlyweds dancing to one of their favourite romantic tracks, you’re almost guaranteed to see a swarm of excited guests watching in awe as they finish up their work during the evening reception.

Keen to make your live art entertainment a little more interactive? Opt for a caricaturist or an artist who will complete custom illustrations for your guests. These small keepsakes will make for wonderful wedding favours for your guests to cherish once the big day’s wrapped up.

Work with a Mixologist

If you’ve ever seen a mixologist at work, you’ll know just how entrancing they can be. The theatrics of mixing up a tasty cocktail with that added flair will excite your guests, and keep them coming back to sample each of your signature beverages.

To make the experience even more exciting, you may want to set up a small sample station for your guests. Have a connoisseur talk your friends and family through each of the delectable refreshments for a truly memorable, unique and valuable experience.

Incorporate a Fun Games Room

While a professional entertainer can create an air of excitement, most of the time, guests will be happy enough to entertain themselves. A designated games area will encourage plenty of fun and enthusiasm at your wedding reception and will help your guests to mingle.

Consider setting up some Jenga blocks, or neatly displaying some games of chess. If you’re hosting your wedding outdoors, you could even add a bouncy castle into the mix – of course, whatever games you choose, you’ll want to make sure they’re in keeping with the theme of your wedding. Opt for personalised game boards in traditional white shades, or stick with your unique colour palette for a games room that feels authentic to your celebration.

Don’t Underestimate Tame Entertainment Choices

There are endless wedding entertainment options, from wacky circus performers and fire dancers to elegant harpists, modern artists, and everything in between. If in doubt about what you should pick, try not to overthink your choice – your guests are there to celebrate with you, and often, a good song and dance is just enough to keep them entertained throughout the night. Choose the entertainment option that feels true to who you are as a couple, for a celebration in keeping with your personal interests and tastes.