Top 7 Wallet Brands for Men to Keep an Eye Out for in 2022

Imagine you’re in the shopping mall or shopping online for a new wallet. Would you pick the first thing you set your eyes on? Or would you opt for a well-known brand? Many would say it is just a wallet, so it doesn’t matter! But in reality, it does.

Brands represent a peculiar personality that adds value through high-quality, neatly crafted products. By being consistent, true to their vision and mission, and providing what buyers need, brands can make consumers relate to them and feel their designs are made especially for them. 

As Jeff Bezos said, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person, and you earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Since you already know that a brand works hard to fulfill its client’s needs and preferences, it is better to be on the safe side and pick a men’s wallet from a luxurious brand. However, there’s more to look for in a wallet, such as the size to ensure it perfectly fits all your essentials, style, and durable material.

Here are our top 7 brands to choose from when buying a new men’s wallet


Bellroy was born in 2010 when a bunch of friends combined their visions in an attempt to craft something different from what was on the market. Bellroy’s wallets are made from premium quality and durable leather that gets better and better as the years go by. All their fabrics are sustainable. Storage capacity is impressive; although they are slim and keep your pockets tailored, they are so functional, having many card slots in an organized pattern.

The marriage between elegant style and modern technology (RFID) made Bellroy a pioneer in wallet craftsmanship. Additionally, all their items come with a 3-year warranty to provide an optimal customer experience.


Billykirk is an American pioneer brand specialized in manufacturing leather goods. Since its establishment in 1999, it has sought to use the finest materials in combination with a keen eye for details. Their wallets are best known for their classy vintage style.

Made from full grain leather and waxed cording, a beautiful patina develops over time, giving it its nostalgic signature. Their men’s wallets come in different styles; bifold, trifold, coin pouch, passport wallets, and truckers. They share the same high quality and durability and are available in different colors. 

The interior and exterior design aspects are close to perfection in functionality. You’ll see a big compartment that can fit around 12 cards, not to mention how they are secured with a flap of leather to keep your items in place.

Alpine Swiss

Its pursuit to craft high-quality products at reasonable prices has attracted many customers worldwide. Day by day, it unveils how distinctive and innovative a brand is. Their products, from footwear to accessories, are neatly made, not to mention their admirable ethics; they strive hard to eliminate child abuse and support children in need.

Alpine Swiss uses genuine leather to make its men’s wallets high quality and robust. Also, they are available in different styles and colors to suit everyone’s taste. A modern touch is added with the RFID feature to protect your card’s data. It’s an excellent wallet for an elegant modern man.


Offering the highest quality wallets without sacrificing a chic style is Hentley’s main principle. They craft wallets made of premium; vegetable tanned Italian leather, which doesn’t deteriorate quickly and gets more flexible as it gets older with you. Their wallets are free from zippers or any hardware providing a simplistic compact style, yet the storage is roomy. You can fit more than ten cards and cash.

Harber London

Harber London combines the royalty of old times with the modernity of the present. Their products are traditionally elegant with a spark of futuristic functionality. They make their wallets from the highest quality full grain leather, which leaves natural marks and a beautiful patina with every usage.

Also, they feature RFID technology to keep your personal data safe beside the minimalist design accompanied by vast storage capacity. 


Hermes, the iconic fashion house, is a household name for luxury at its finest. It is an artist whose exceptional craftsmanship can’t be denied. One of the most exceptional products in Hermes world is bags and wallets. Hermes men’s wallets are elegant, unique, and out of this world due to their high quality and exotic yet original designs. They come in various eye-catching colors and are made of fine leather. The storage is decent, and they secure all your essentials.


One of the best-regarded brands around the world, Montblanc manufactures leather goods, accessories, and pens. Their wallets are durable and particularly special since they are made of full grain calfskin leather. The style is refined, whereas the size is big enough to room all your cards, notes, and money compactly without having to deal with a bulky pocket.


You are an open book for people who can tell a lot by looking at your wallet. That’s why you must choose it carefully, not just to reflect a good image of yourself but also to feel more comfortable and secure.