Transforming Spaces with LED Strip Lights

In the modern race for the most eco-friendly products, the race has also reached the lighting company, sweeping the traditional bulbs away from the market and replacing them with LED lights. No wonder they are omnipresent, as since the very first moment people discovered the real power coming from such a small light, they fell in love with them, trying to use them everywhere—at home, in the garage, in our car, or even inside our fridge. The LED strip lights are perfect for decorative purposes too, and regardless of their function, you can adjust ambience or even the colour shade. How do you transform spaces with LED strip lights?

All you want to know about LED strip lights

Almost everyone knows what LED lights are, but maybe not everyone has seen LED strip lights. They are also known as LED channels or profiles, and instead of having one light, there is a whole, giving an extra amount of light and looking fabulous inside each room. The LED lights are protected from dust and insects with stips, freeing your imagination.

The lights do not heat up, which means you can place them in the space where you can touch it, and there is no risk of burning. The absence of heat influences the lifespan of LED light strips, and their efficiency.       

Outstanding decoration, excellent utility

LED strip lights can be praised by having two most important features, making people use them in their spaces. Without doubt, the installation of strip lights can tranform the space, and add glamour and aesthetics. They are often used to illuminate parts of the room which are different and original, for example some architectural decors. 

There is no need to use the same light all the time but rather to take advantage of the abundance of colours they offer. Apart from the obvious decorative use, LED strip lights can be treated as an effective source of light for each of the rooms at home.

Ideas of LED lighting to incorporate at home 

Various spaces will look outstanding with LED strip lights used, with a great number of options and ideas that can be only limited by imagination. 

Let’s start with your living room, which is usually the most representative room in the house. The place to spend time with your friends and family must be valuable, with no interruptions on the way. Do you have a wall panel? If yes, place LED strips lights behind and create a sort of a picture frame on the wall. With a few strip lights used in need for a romantic everning, the ceiling light will no longer be necessary. 

The kitchen space needs stronger life right about the worktop, where we need to concentrate on cutting and mixing. It is recommended to place LED strip lights under the kitchen top lockers. A long strip will provide you with enough light to stay focused on the meal preparation. 

A bathroom is not an exception, but it may require twodifferent types of light – one used for relaxation, another for tasks such as purting a makeup or shaving. Use LED stip lights around the mirror to create a unique 3D impression and gain the source of light to complete morning routine. Simple Lighting offers a range of LED lights which can be used in each of the rooms successfully.

Commercial spaces also look better with LED lights, illuminating all products offered, with real colours representation. That means your customers will no longer have a problem to choose the right shade of their items. The look of the interior can also benefit by use of LED strip lights, which tranform the space into modern and elegant.

Why is is beneficial to use LED strip lights?

LED strip lights have a number of positives, including versatility, energy efficiency, modern look, and durability. 

One of the greatest concerns of our modern world is the condition of our environment, which justifies the use of LED lights all around the house or office space. Their longevity and low wattage with great efficiency retained, places the lights in the first rank in the category of eco-friendly home solutions. 

The use 80% less energy when compared to traditional bulbs, and the lifespan of up to 50,000 hours makes them the fitst energy efficient choice. To show the huge difference, the traditional bulbs had the lifespan of 1,000 hours. The less lights we have to replace, the less waste we produce, which best summarises the eco efficiency of LED strip lights. 

The possibility to dim the light, change the colour and shade of the light, they can be placed all around the house, with the care of tailored settings of intensity.