Tribal Brunch at YOPO

YOPO, a wild and wonderful South American-inspired restaurant in The Mandrake, offers a brunch menu that transports diners to the heart of the continent with its rich, authentic flavours and captivating décor. Chef Scott-Toft, renowned for his expertise in South American cuisine, has meticulously crafted every dish on the restaurant menu to reflect his extensive travels through Argentina, Chile, and Peru. His dedication to authenticity is evident even in the brunch options, capturing the essence of South American culinary traditions and introducing rare ingredients to London’s usual hangover cure.

YOPO hits you with its eclectic array of ornaments and décor that curiously accentuate the tribal thematics. The restaurant is a visual feast, with vibrant colours, intricate textiles, and hand-crafted artefacts that excite and entice the senses.

The brunch menu is like no Sunday feast you’ve had before. Choose from options including bottomless champagne, wine or cocktails as well as a pre-set of savoury sides, signature servings and sweet selection brunch options. Immersing yourself in the South American twist on late morning feasts, the thyme and garlic roasted sweet potato tacos top the list. Enhanced with green beans and avocado, this dish surpasses the trendy avo-toast and reclaims the spotlight. To top it off, it comes with sikil pak, a traditional Mayan pumpkin seed dip, adding an extra zing.

Fresh, delicate tuna is paired with a build-your-own tortilla chip combining the subtle kick of red chilli, freshness of herbs and the nuttiness of cashew cream to make the tuna tartare dish that you’ll kick yourself for dismantling. The beauty of the fresh ingredients collated on a small plate is enough to satisfy, let alone the Latin taste of the sea.

Fear not lovers of the full English, classic brunch dishes have also been taken and shaken with a bit of South American flare. Parmesan eggs scrambled with spinach alongside sourdough, ginger pork and black pepper sausage, plus hash brown cubes with a touch of rosemary and red onion salt, ensures that the favourites are given the boost they need to fit into this immense selection.

To make your brunch a boozy one, YOPO offers an impressive selection of cocktails infused with South American ingredients. The Gula cocktail of tequila, mezcal, lime, pineapple and orange is a standout, providing a perfect balance of sweet, smoky, and citrusy notes whilst still feeling like you’re waking up with the support of exotic local fruits. It also helps that every cocktail is crafted to look as beautiful as the theatrics that come with them.

At YOPO, every element, from the food to the décor, is designed to transport diners on a culinary adventure, making it a must-visit destination for those in need of an authentic and immersive South American brunch experience.