Under 35 To Watch at the JD Malat Gallery


Under 35 To Watch, presents the best of JD Malat Gallery’s young international artists who engage with the theme of contemporary life. This exhibition attempts to underline the importance of international dialogue focussing in particular on the artistic response to a diverse selection of themes such as, nature, the urban environment, the human psyche and modes of representation.

Displayed on the virtual exhibition platform, PARALLEL, from 17 March until 24 April, Under 35 To Watch will present an array of young artistic talent in an effort to reflect the JD Malat Gallery goal to champion the world’s most talented up and coming artists, as well as toinspire and engage a diverse audience in the world of art.


Founder, Jean-David Malat has discovered, promoted and established over a dozen formerly-unknown artists, and aims to use his years of expertise to bring even more artists to the world’s attention.

Inspired by this objective, JD Malat Gallery is excited to announce that brand new works by Henrik Uldalen, Luis Olaso and Lucia Mosca will be displayed for the first time.

Alongside this, there will be works by more of the gallery’s esteemed artists, including Santiago Parra, Pedro Matos, Masayoshi Nojo and Mio Yamato who have all presented highly praised work during the course of JD Malat Gallery’s programme over the past 12 months.

Under 35 To Watch will also present the work of artists who have recently been added to the diverse gallery roster. The exhibition will introduce the unparalleled Icelandic artist Georg Óskar, whose work presents his personal and witty observations of the mundane, specifically in the urban environment and people.


Similarly personal in nature is the work of the 20-year-old, London-based painter Wesley George. Discovered during last year’s open-call exhibition ‘Isolation Mastered’, Wesley critiques the historical norms presented within portraiture and focuses on representing the overlooked spirits and stories of black and brown figures.

By combining each artist’s unique perspective on an array of contemporary themes, this exhibition aims to unveil the artists’ mutual ambition to engage with the multiple aspects of contemporary life through the creative process.

In doing so, this exhibition hopes to unveil the connective and encompassing force of art, as well as uphold and support the creative spirit of the world’s young generation of artists.

JD Malat Gallery specialises in contemporary art and champions a broad spectrum of emerging and international contemporary artists. The programme consists of an array of exciting artists supported by year-round exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.

JD Malat Gallery


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