Unwrapping the Magic: Christmas Tree Trends Taking Root with Balsam Hill

As the festive season approaches, the enchanting aroma of pine and the twinkling lights of Christmas trees usher in the holiday spirit. In 2023, Christmas tree trends reflect a beautiful blend of timeless classics, modern technology, and personalized decorations.

When it comes to magical decorations, no one does it quite like Balsam Hill. A leader in artificial Christmas trees that offer exquisite and lifelike designs, Balsam Hill is beloved for its quality and innovation. Balsam Hill brings holiday magic with pre-lit trees and customisable options, making them a go-to choice for those seeking timeless elegance in festive decorations.

Jennifer Derry, interior design expert and Chief Merchandising Officer at Balsam Hill explores the top trends that are adorning homes across the UK this holiday season.

Christmas Classics: Nostalgia in Every Needle

In the ever-evolving landscape of Christmas tree trends, some classics remain timeless. The UK is embracing the nostalgia of the season by continuing its love affair with traditional tree varieties. Leading the pack are the Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce, capturing the hearts of British audiences with their timeless charm reminiscent of European markets.

Beyond the sentimental value, investing in a high-quality tree pays dividends, not just for this Christmas but for many to come. An artificial tree, if used for at least five years, boasts a more favorable environmental impact than its real counterpart. So, this year, consider making a lasting investment in a tree that will stand the test of time.

Sparse Trees: Embracing Simplicity and Elegance

In a departure from the traditional notion of lush and densely packed trees, the trend of sparse trees is gaining momentum. Trees like the Alpine Balsam Fir feature pared-back branches illuminated with warm lighting, creating a festive ambiance without overwhelming the space. This trend not only allows for a more restrained look but also provides an excellent option for smaller or darker spaces.

The sparse foliage of these trees permits more light to pass through, ensuring they are equally enchanting during the day as they are in the evening. Additionally, the open design provides the perfect canvas to showcase a curated collection of decorations accumulated over the years.

New Technology Illuminates the Season

As households seek to infuse uniqueness into their festive celebrations, the integration of technology into Christmas trees is on the rise. Trees equipped with in-built Twinkly technology are experiencing a surge in popularity, allowing users to create personalized light shows. With the Twinkly Light Show, users can control colors and effects through a mobile app, transforming their Christmas tree into a dazzling spectacle of lights.

Decorating Your Tree: A Symphony of Baubles and Themes

Beyond the choice of tree, the art of decorating plays a pivotal role in defining the Christmas ambiance within homes. The number of baubles required depends on the size and shape of the tree, and personal preferences play a crucial role in determining the overall look.

Consider the width and height of your tree, as well as whether it is full or slim. Taller, fuller trees naturally require more decorations, while slimmer trees may benefit from a more minimalist approach. Mixing various sizes of baubles adds visual interest, creating a dynamic and captivating display.

To achieve a professionally decorated tree, start by establishing a theme. Whether it’s a specific color palette, a cherished bauble collection, or a particular interest, having a unifying element ties everything together. This year, traditional reds and golds make a comeback, underscoring the enduring role of nostalgia in Christmas celebrations.

Once your theme is set, the decorating process begins. Divide your tree into three sections, working from top to bottom, and distribute your decorations accordingly. Start with the largest decorations, layering them deeper into the foliage to create depth. Ensure a balanced spread of baubles with different textures and tones, avoiding clustering similar decorations together.

To complete the festive masterpiece, add a tree topper that complements your chosen theme. While classic angels and stars remain timeless, consider experimenting with custom toppers, such as those crafted from paper or card, for a unique finishing touch.

As we unwrap the magic of Christmas tree trends in 2023, it’s clear that the season’s spirit is alive and well, merging the cherished traditions of the past with the technological innovations of the present. Whether you opt for a classic Nordmann Fir, embrace the simplicity of a sparse tree, or infuse technology into your festivities with Twinkly lights, the key is to create a space that reflects the joy, warmth, and individuality of the holiday season. So, gather your baubles, unleash your creativity, and let the magic of Christmas trees illuminate your home this festive season.