Visit Dubai – A New Perspective

There is more than meets the eye when visiting Dubai. From hot air balloon rides over the desert to safari escapades and uncovering the newest art quarters, Dubai is a city that brings wealth and not just the economic kind to all who visit. It’s the golden jewel of the desert, where over half of the population are expatriates. The city’s unique blend of people, connections it curates, extravagance, and year-round warmth make it an undeniably favoured holiday destination. So, here’s how you can experience Dubai from a new perspective.

Stay at Me Dubai Hotel: Where Luxury Meets Art & Design 

Located downtown in the Burj Khalifa district is the sought-after, 5-star ME Dubai Hotel. Surrounded by famed tourist attractions like the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and other prime designer locations ME Dubai is the perfect place to reside in Dubai. Interiorly blessed by none other than the notable Iraqi-British architect and designer Zaha Hadid. The hotel interiors are nothing short of a masterpiece and represent Hadid’s creative mind. With two divvying room interiors, you can expect either a warm and bright décor or an embellished midnight blue. Both interiors have cityscape views and are enchanting poems to Dubai’s days and nights. With ME Dubai’s luxurious outdoor pool, you can bask in the Middle Eastern sun whilst being fortified by angel-white skyscrapers which generate the perfect amount of shade for you to cool down on those hot desert days. ME Dubai offers amenities to ensure a superb stay like the spa, gym, and gallery of rotating artists. Presenting premium service ME Dubai has a range of restaurants to keep you satisfied from breakfast through to dinner including the notable Japanese restaurant ROKA.

Experience a Signature Hot Air Balloon Ride

See the magical city of Dubai from 3,000 ft up. Get picked up in a premium Range Rover Defender and power through to the desert to begin the hot air balloon experience. With safety briefing and checks in tow, ascend into the skies to witness views like never before. Upon your 40 – 60-minute hot air balloon flight observe the sky change from dawn to morning. Reminiscent of a dream float among the clouds, fly over the Middle Eastern mountain peaks and desert banks whilst you spot wildlife prancing through the dunes below. The Signature hot air balloon ride is an experience that will be etched in your memory forever.

Feast at Al Nafoorah Jumeirah Zabeel Saray 

Think Arabian nights – grand interiors within a low-lit setting with gold trimmings, fit for a royalty feast the very best Lebanese cuisine at Al Nafoorah. Located at the 5-star luxury beach resort Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, after a refreshing traditional hammam, it’s only right that you set your sights on filling up your stomach with an enchanting Lebanese feast. With a menu inspired by the beloved traditional dishes of the Middle East, the talented Chef Adil focused on reigniting conventional flavours in contemporary form. Presenting a menu full of aromatic dishes, dine-on highlights of Baba Ghanouj, homemade falafel, and mains of Mashawy – a selection from the grill – Lamb Koftas, Chicken Taouk with aromatic Saffron Rice. Al Nafoorah is a feast designed to bring those who dine together through a gorgeous sharing menu.

Experience the Heritage Desert Safari 

Tour the award-winning Dubai desert safari in a vintage open-back Land Rover. Sounds good? Well, it only gets better! Prepped to the nines before you begin the desert safari, you’ll get traditional headwear to feel just like a local Emirati. As you scale the desert, and the wind brushes your cheek you’ll be able to spot local animals like the white Arabian onyx which remains the traditional mascot of the UAE.  There will be an opportunity to hop out of the truck, climb the golden dune and take a snap of your glorious surroundings. As the sun begins to set, you’ll get driven to the next leg of the safari experience. Greeted by a customary warm cinnamon tea take a seat on the traditional floor cushion to watch the falcon show. Listen and stare in awe as the falcon runs rings around its handler, swoops down by your head and back up into the warm orange sky as the sun sets.

Tour Alserkal Avenue

Where luxury is in excess you can find solace in the cool and creative art quarters of the UAE at Alserkal Avenue. From culinary spaces to mesmerising exhibitions hosted by emerging artists and designers, plus an array of lifestyle and health entrepreneurs, Alserkal Avenue is a space for homegrown entrepreneurs to thrive. From the visual art galleries like – Zawyeh, which was originally founded in Ramallah, Palestine. To Karve Transformer Pilates – hosting the most popular exercise of the season for a complete mind and body reset. Head to Nightjar a roastery established by a group of cool coffee lovers who care about making good, and emphasis on good, coffee. All Night Jar Coffee is sourced directly from coffee hubs like Mexico and Costa Rica. Think of a cool space combined with the best all-day dining plates with a DJ that spins vinyl bringing the ultimate vibe – Night Jar is the epitome of cool.

An Evening at Jun’s Dubai  

A city well accustomed to various cultures and cosmopolitan cuisines, fine dining at Jun’s Dubai is the perfect evening dinner debut. Brought to you by Chef Kelvin Cheung, the exquisite award-winning, Michelin Guide restaurant fuses Japanese classic plates and Indian flavours. Each plate on the menu tells a great story with bold sensual flavours that will pleasantly surprise you. With cocktails curated by award-winning mixologists choose from your favourite elixir, classic or new to accompany an elite dining experience.

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