What Attracts Moths Into Your House?

Moths are a common sight in many homes. Usually, when you notice one flying around, then you can expect there to be others nearby. It is known that moths are attracted to lights and dust, but there are various types of moths which could be entering your home. 

If you aren’t a fan of moths, there are methods to keep them at bay. Such as cleaning your carpets and pheromone pantry moth traps. However, alongside these methods, it is important to know what is attracting the moths in the first place.

In this article, we will discuss what is attracting moths into your house. 

What Are Moths Attracted To?

Moths are known to be attracted to light, and this is frequently accurate. At night, moths frequently congregate around external lighting or windows, from where they may enter through small gaps or when windows and doors are unlocked.

However, not all moth infestations may be attributed to light. Once inside, pantry moths like brightly lighted spaces, while clothes moths avoid light. Both species lay their eggs in isolated, dark places. 

Homeowners should detect moths before serious damage occurs, by being aware of what attracts them in terms of diet and habitat.

Which Types Of Moths Can You Find In Your Home?

Usually, there are two main types of moths that are attracted to your homes, but they seek out different things. The most common types of moths you may come across include clothes moths such as webbing and case-making moths and pantry moths.  

Pantry Moths

Your pantry will likely be the first place moths go to after entering your home after being drawn to your exterior lighting. They are drawn to pasta, bread, flour, cereal, dry nuts, and processed foods.

They can get to your cabinets quickly and infest the area since they have such a keen sense of smell. Indian food moths are another name for several pantry moths. They love dry foods and have the ability to chew through containers to reach the food. Here they will lay their eggs as well. 

Clothes Moths

Clothes moths don’t look for light like other moths do. Instead, they might break into your home after dark. While they don’t endanger human health, the same cannot be said for fabrics and clothing. Your clothes constructed from silk, fur, and wool can be chewed through by clothes moths, who leave holes in their wake.

Contrary to popular belief, larvae of moths—not adults—are the ones who consume cloth. However, they typically aren’t drawn to clean clothing. For instance, they may consume clothing that has been soiled by perspiration, food, or urine. Sometimes moths can get on carpets and you can hire Advanced Carpet Cleaning Techniques for the perfect solution. Also, they are drawn to dark, secluded locations such as closets and basements.

Webbing moths and case-making moths are the two varieties of clothes moths that you might encounter in your home.

How To Get Rid Or Prevent Moths?

If you notice that there are moths in your home, then you must get rid of them as soon as possible and prevent them from coming back. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to keep your windows and doors shut, so you should try to do the following. 

Clean Floors And Carpets Often – A build up of dust can attract moths to your home. Hence, you ought to keep your carpets and floors as clean as you can 

Traps – As mentioned above, you can put up traps to catch the mouths when they first enter your home. These traps cause the moths to get stuck and can’t fly away. 

Clean Infested Or Dirty Clothes – If you find any moths in your wardrobe, then you ought to clean any infested clothes. It is best to wash them on a hot cycle to kill any eggs or larvae.

Herbs – Moths do not like the smell of herbs, which will prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Combine dried herbs in a bag and place them around your home in areas that moths will love. 


Moths are an insect that a lot of us have to deal with. They are usually attracted to light and dust. There are two types of moths which will enter your home, that being the pantry moth and the clothes moths. Both types of moths will create holes in your food or clothes and lay their eggs. 

It is easy to get rid of moths or prevent them from entering your home as spoken about above. We hope this article has been insightful, as now you should have a better understanding on what is attracting moths into your house.