What Is A Baby Shower Wish List And How To Create One

A baby shower wish list is simply a list of items that you may like to receive as gifts. It can be written by either the mother or any of her guests who are planning on attending the party. Go through your personal belongings and write down all of the things that you could potentially use after the arrival of your child. This list will be added to by all of the guests attending your baby shower, and you should have a great deal to choose from. Every person’s list is personal and different – there are no rules.

How to create a baby shower wish list

A baby shower wish list consists of different items that the new parents-to-be desire for their unborn child, including food, clothing, and toys. This list may include anything that can reasonably fit in the new parents’ home but would like to receive it as a gift.

By using different words, one can convey their message easier. When creating a baby shower, you can create a gift wish list as you look forward to celebrating your soon-to-be bundle of joy. You can include items on your baby shower list for all guests to see.

When you’re done creating the list, you should share it with your friends and family, so they can see the items you desire for this baby. If you are not sure what to put on the list, ask yourself, how often do I use the item in my house or apartment? If it’s used every day, then put it on your list. You can create a list by yourself or ask for help from friends and family, but the most important thing is that you share this list with them, so they can get an idea of what to buy you.

The following may be included on someone’s wish list:

Diapers (cloth or disposable) – If you do not have a baby shower registry, this is a great way to let your friends and family know what you need. Also, don’t forget the wipes. Changing pads – These are a helpful alternative to burp cloths. They’re great for when the baby starts fussing after their diaper is changed.

Baby nail clippers/scissors – Scissors are important for clipping a baby’s fingernails. Baby hairbrush/comb – This is great for getting out those tiny tangles from their hair.

Bottles and bottle brushes – Bottles should be dishwasher safe, but if not, make sure that it comes with a bottle brush, so you can get all the nooks and crannies!

Spoons – Spoons are useful for mixing up formulas. If you’re breastfeeding, be sure to pick up some breast pump accessories that allow you to store extra milk for later.

Bottle warmers – Whether you need one or not depends on how your home is heated during the winter months. A bottle warmer might not be necessary for you, but if your home is kept warm enough in the winter, it might be nice to not have to wait so long.

Diaper pails – A good diaper pail will help contain the smell, so your nursery doesn’t start smelling like a dirty diaper. Diaper bags – If you already have a diaper bag, and you’re wondering if you need more than one, the answer is probably “no.” If you plan on carrying your baby around in a car seat, it might be helpful to have a separate bag for that.

Bassinet/Crib  – When considering what to put on your baby shower wish list, think about how you will be sleeping with the baby. If you need a new bassinet or crib, make sure to include this on your wish list!

Changing table – These items are more popular for girls, and they’re rarely used anymore. They make changing diapers much easier than changing them on the floor or bed.

Clothing (for newborns to 0 – 3 months)  – This is your chance to ask for the clothing that you’ll need in the early days. Newborns outgrow their clothes so fast, and it’s nice to have a few outfits ready when they come home from the hospital.

It is completely up to you what you include on your list, but it is a good idea to have at least a couple of outfits for your new baby, whether they are newborn or 0–3 months. It is also a good idea to have some bathers and blankets, as sometimes babies like to be naked.

If you include the price of each item that you would like, this will help your guests know how much you would appreciate that particular gift. A general rule is to give around $30 per gift. The essentials are diapers, wipes, and cream (even if you choose cloth diapers). The other things on your list are what you would like, but aren’t really necessary.

When writing your wish list, try not to include too many items that you don’t need; however, it is important to think about the long-term of your baby. If you already have everything on your list (or close to it), don’t feel bad! That may be the case because you previously had a baby and received most items either as gifts or as hand-me-downs from friends and family.