What I’ve Learnt: Tamerri Ater

Tamerri Ater (AstroFashionista) is a Certified Professional Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner and founder of Gift of the Nile, products for spiritual wellness, rooted in Ancient Egyptian ritual. This Los Angeles native has advised thousands of people on how to tap into their personal gifts to align with their destiny for over 15 years. Here, Tamerri reveals what she has learnt…


It changes, it dies, you may lose it…but you will always have the opportunity to find it again. Cherish it while you have it and give it without expecting anything in return. 


Is a means to living how you want to. Don’t be afraid to give or receive it. It will come and go, but it can always be replaced. It’s energy. Respect it and know that it will come when you need it most. 


Is something I give to everyone until it’s broken. But the most important trust I have is in myself and the ability to learn and grow from the times I feel my trust was broken. I choose to live with an open heart. 


Is not a destination. It’s a series of choices you make to be your best self. People may or may not perceive you as having it, but if you are happy with your choices and what you’ve achieved, you’ve found it. Stay there and repeat. 


Will always exist in some capacity in human life, but what matters is that we choose to move forward regardless. 


Are the family you choose, but sometimes you have to let family go for your own mental and spiritual growth. In those moments you will find new ones that are better aligned with where you are and where you are going. 


Should get better with age, when you learn yourself and what you like. Become unapologetic about wanting to be pleasured the way you want.


I am stronger than I know and will always make it through. 


Is going through a major transformation with Pluto entering into Aquarius for 20 years. Hopefully it’s for the best and the survival of future generations.  


Is important, but I’ve learned to be careful about doing things just out of loyalty. It can result in poor decisions and going against your core values. Loyalty looks and feels different for everyone. Create your own standards for loyalty.  


Is a precious and priceless currency. I work to have it and don’t take it for granted.