What I’ve Learnt: Candace Blackburn

At 25 Candice Blackburn has lived all over the world through her impressive career as a model, after winning a competition held by the prestigious Next Management at 16 in her hometown, Manchester. Whilst in LA, Candice discovered a love for acting – with the aim to be in a position to make more of a social impact that she would be proud of – on and off set. This is evident in Candice’s committed daily spiritual practice and her passion to combat climate change. We have no doubt that Candice will manifest her dreams. Here, Candice reveals what she has learnt. 

Love I think love can heal, even in the face of extreme hate. 

Money My personal relationship with wealth, which money encompasses a very small part of, is to always tell myself I’m rich no matter how much money is in my bank account. You could call this law of attraction. I don’t – I call it reminding myself I’m connected to something FAR greater than the human concept of currency and that I’m always provided for. This has ALWAYS worked for me. 

Trust Once someone complete destroys my trust they can no longer be in my life. There is no connection, and therefore no relationship. The most painful situations I’ve been in are due to broken trust. One of the most sad things to view is trust in places such as society. This unquestioning trust in a system that doesn’t care about you or me, but exploits us in a world system of GDP. The second hardest thing to witness is the zero trust we put in our own knowing, our own intuition. This isn’t our fault, but the result of the mentioned system moulding us into obedient, non free-thinking commodities.  I am and will always be my no.1 authority on everything. NO person, NO law, NO system can ever make me doubt the trust and the knowing that I have in myself. 

Success Success is not something that can be measured. I believe it comes from a sense of contentment within, always. 

Fear Fear is a choice that most don’t realise they have, being able to feel the fear and do it anyway. It’s a daily practice for me because we’ve taught the opposite. Not to say it’s easy – our whole culture profits off fear – the media, advertising, war – these all exist because of fear. 

Friends They’re my chosen family, they’re my closest relationships. They know me better than anyone including my family because I chose to be in their life and they chose to be in mine.  

Sex For me, it’s connecting on a soul level with another human. You are your most vulnerable, most exposed, the most YOU that you can possibly be. It’s a way to directly link with a higher power. It’s the art of creation, whether it leads to a new life or not.We all arrived on Earth from the art of sex, so we should all be revered and given the most respect. Instead it’s been used to control, shame, and abuse. Especially female sexuality. We now have a culture of hyper-sexuality as young people are desperately trying to break free from the constraints unfairly passed down from religion or culture. Sex is beautiful, sex is magical, sex is holy. Consensual sex is not shameful, no matter the act.

Myself I see myself as a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. I believe we are all one – that we originated from one source, which in turn means we are also that source. I believe the universe as we know it is an expression of infinite love and creativity, and every single one of us is a manifestation of that infinite creative love. As we are an individual manifestation of the universe, the possibilities of one choice from one human are infinite, which proves to me the unending possibilities of every single one of us. I therefore believe there is no end to what I can be, what I can achieve, and what I can feel in this short lifetime. I will forever be a student of life. 

Society We live in an unequal capitalist society. It makes us believe that we are succeeding. In one sense of the word, yes, we have a better standard of living than we have ever had before in history, BUT it comes at an immense price. Our mental health.

Loyalty Once loyalty has been betrayed for me there’s no going back. There’s no trust. For me, they go hand in hand. 

Freedom I think freedom lies internally and externally. We first need to know we have a choice over our behaviour, emotions, and thoughts if we are to fully appreciate the external freedom. We then have freedom of movement, freedom of speech, human rights… I could go on. These are nowhere near implemented as they should be. As a society, we need structure, but currently as I write this, the UK is trying to pass a bill that will stop freedom of protest. Having to gain permission is not freedom. I don’t know any governments that give near complete autonomy over its citizens and again, I don’t know what the answer is, but I certainly do know we don’t have anywhere near the amount freedom that we should have.