What You Should Know About Steam Irons

Ironing is not a chore that’s favored by many, but the right iron can make it a whole lot easier. People think all steam irons are the same and simply run down to the store and purchase the first one you see. You can do that, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

There’s so much more to a steam iron that could make your life much easier. With that said, here’s what you need to know about steam irons before you buy one.

There Are Three Types of Steam Irons

There are conventional steam irons, cordless irons, and steam generators. Each of these has its pros and cons. You can also consider steam iron systems, such as garment steamers or vertical steam irons that don’t require an ironing board.

Steam Irons

Advantages: The conventional steam iron is definitely the most affordable option and is very easy to use, carry, and store away. It does not require any equipment other than a conventional ironing board and doesn’t make much noise.

Disadvantages: Steam irons don’t produce as much heat as a steam generator, or other steaming systems, which means ironing your fabrics could take quite some time to get rid of every crease, and they need to be refilled more often than other steam ironing systems. Moreover, when the water tank is full, it can be a little heavy, which can cause an accident.

Cordless Irons

Advantages: Cordless steam irons don’t take as long to iron out material as conventional steam irons do. You also don’t have any power cord attached, making it easier to move around the ironing board without being held back. Furthermore, these irons are very light and easy to handle.

Disadvantages: While they help you quickly iron out your fabric’s wrinkles, the heat gradually reduces during use. There aren’t many models to choose from to compare, making your search very limited, and the batteries are not replaceable.


Advantages: Steam generator irons produce the most heat out of all the irons. They are easy to use, and creases and wrinkles are quickly smoothed out. Furthermore, they don’t need constant refilling.

Disadvantages: Steam generators are quite pricey, bulky, and difficult to carry around freely; this could limit your movement around the ironing board. They’re also very noisy during use and can be too heavy on certain iron boards.

They Aren’t as Expensive as You Think

The features that once made a steam iron expensive are now found on the cheapest irons available. You can always splurge if it’s more convenient for you to have a garment steamer or vertical iron, which would mean you don’t need an ironing board. However, conventional and cordless steam irons aren’t expensive, and you can find good quality ones with all the fancy features.

They Have Different Features

It’s important to understand that steam iron types are like snowflakes; no two are alike. For instance, look for convenient controls, such as auto-shutoff, a surge button, or burst-of-steam, and perhaps you want a retractable cord. Moreover, the settings suitable for specific fabrics to preempt any ruined clothes must be easy to identify. Some irons’ settings just aren’t as clear or well-marked as others. It’s best to use one with a good indicator to let you know the iron or system is functioning.

Determine the many features available to make it easier for yourself to do your chores. That’s why the experts at HomeCult.org suggest you review and compare the best steam irons to find one that’s suitable for you. Research ironing guides to understand how to steam iron various fabrics, so you don’t ruin your favorite clothes in the process.

Vertical Steam Irons Vs. Garment Steamers

Not all irons need ironing boards, some people are constantly on-the-go and need a way to speed up the chore, and others just hate ironing. If this is you, then forget the ironing board, and opt for one of these. The benefit of a vertical steamer is being able to hang your shirt up and give it a quick iron on your way out the door. Perhaps you dread laundry day because it’s often followed by ironing of huge fabrics like your curtains and bedsheets. In that case, garment steamers are the best option to get through the larger fabrics quickly.

Find all the options available before making a purchase. Before you proceed, consider this guide a checklist to ensure you search and compare the various features provided by the different steam iron types; you’ll know exactly what to look for and ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.