What’s Trending This Summer? Five Styles Fresh from the Catwalk 

The old adage goes that fashion is what we buy but style is what we do with it. This is exactly why fashion may change year after year but style often remains timeless. As we enter into a new year’s summer season, speculations regarding what’s trending are bound to circulate. 

Trends account for fashion and generally do not remain the same. Thankfully, the style will endure the test of time. Did you know that Americans on average purchase 53 new items for their closets every year? We are spending more than ever on clothes and accessories. 

It seems like this year’s runways have the answer to this conundrum. In this article, we will discuss five styles that, despite being trending this summer, are expected to sustain for years to come.

All Things Boho 

Be it casual celebrity streetwear or the most coveted runways across Paris Fashion Week, the Bohemian style has made a major comeback in 2024. The only twist is that it is accompanied by much-needed modern touches. 

So, what are some of the hallmarks of this style? You can expect to see all sorts of printed maxi dresses, gladiator sandals, natural fabrics like linen or cotton, and heavy layering of garments. To ace your Boho ensemble with a modern flair, you must follow the rules of choosing pastel shades, extra ruffles, and funky prints. 

This style represents the quality of being free-spirited, something which the hippies were known to be. Since the 21st century is advancing towards more freedom of expression, why must you shy away from loose and flouncy fabrics?  

Raffia Accessories 

We understand that anything raffia can be so predictable that it may seem like an anti-trend. However, the delicate-looking yet durable fibers of the raffia palm tree render such timeless charm to the accessories that it’s hard to say no. 

Perhaps we may come here next season to rave more about the raffia bag. One thing is certain it has become the indisputable accessory for the 2024 summer. Do not mistake this seasonless piece for a beach accessory. 

It is also often available in colors other than the classic jute or wood. These are usually vibrant and dyed using eco-friendly techniques. In other words, your raffia accessory can become a year-long favorite! 

Little White Dresses 

Up until now, everyone was raving about the classic little black dress or LBD. Being a classic, this garment will never go out of style. However, we are joyfully welcoming an era of little white women dresses

The three main factors driving this change are sustainability, versatility, and charm. It has come to a point where even brides are on the lookout for a little white dress for their engagement. Besides the color white, brighter shades are going to be the full rage this summer. 

This does not mean pretty pastels will go out of fashion. They will enhance the street style as women embrace bright neon colors too. In any case, Porterist highlights the rise in sustainable fashion regardless of the colors or prints. In a nutshell, the 2024 summer is going to be big, bold, and a juxtaposition of calming and vibrant hues. 

Creamy Butter Yellow Vibes 

The New York Post has made it official that butter yellow is the color of this season. Amid the severe heat wave that countries worldwide are grappling with, the chosen color almost complements the mood and trends of the time. 

Gradually, the monsoon is expected to hit different parts of the world. As the sunshine transitions from sultry to warm and the grasslands bloom due to monsoon moisture, butter yellow makes complete sense. It represents the soft girl era enjoying her cottagecore life in the countryside. 

We know that yellow is undoubtedly a Spring-Summer color. However, this season’s pastel yellow becomes all the more significant in light of the darker mustard shade that dominated last year’s Fall-Winter fashion. The relaxed appeal of this new season’s color is symbolic of starting fresh. 

Shimmer and Shine 

Was there ever summer fashion that was so diverse and yet so harmonious like that of 2024? We just talked about peaceful whites, calming pastels, and even bright neons. The next style that’s trending this season will just blow your mind. 

We are about to see lots of shine, glitter, and shimmer across the runways and the streets. This is being considered a mood-boosting trend which will act in contrast to the previous year’s dark winters. 

Others consider this trend to be a bold move that challenges the extreme heat of this season. The idea is to shine brighter than the sun.

We cannot conclude without mentioning the most-watched event in US history, the New York Fashion Week. It significantly impacts the sales figures of the fashion industry. In 2023, the American fashion industry was valued at $500 billion. With the current state of trends, we are expecting to see substantial growth in 2024.