Where Do Angel Numbers Come From And What Are They?

Angel numbers have been around for thousands of years. In answer to this article’s titular question: Greece. Angel numbers were an invention of Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher who believed that reality was the physical manifestation of numbers. The use of angel numbers has persisted, right up until today. More often than not, they are used by spiritualists, and those interested in esotericism. Some people even believe that they can be used to predict the future.

This post will delve into angel numbers in more detail, explaining what they are, how you can use them, and why they’re significant:  

Angel Numbers: What Are They?

Angel numbers are number sequences that range from 000 to 999. If you are wondering what angel numbers are, then they are numbers between 000 to 999 that constantly appear and manifest in a person’s life. If a person sees 666 everywhere they go, then that is their angel number. Each number has its own unique and distinct meaning. These numbers can be used to predict the future, help a person to determine their life path, and even warn them of danger. If you see a number everywhere you go, then there’s a strong chance that what you’re really seeing is your own personal angel number.

Spiritual Exploration

If you are seeing an angel number all of the time, then it is a sign that you need to do a little spiritual exploration. Every single angel number is different. Seeing the same number everywhere you go is an indication that angels are trying to reach out to you and convey an important message. Not heeding the message being sent to you could actually be dangerous, or so spiritualists say. Recognising that you are seeing the same number everywhere you go is a sign you are becoming tuned in to the spiritual realm.

Using Guide Sites

If you are new to angel numbers, then it’s a very good idea to use guide sites. Guide sites can help you to understand the meaning behind your angel number. Again, everybody’s angel number is different and unique to them. The messages being sent are different from person to person. Using a guide site can help you to get a basic understanding of what a number means, but you will have to sit back and look at your own life in order to determine what message is being sent to you.

Hiring an Expert

One way of understanding the meaning behind your angel number is to hire an expert spiritualist, who can sit with you and study your life. By studying your life they can then determine exactly what’s going on with you, what your problems are, and interpret your angel number.  You should know, however, hiring a spiritualist isn’t cheap. These individuals charge lots of money for their services. With that said, some beginners offer their services online for free. This is so that they can build their reputation up.

Understanding Meaning

If you want to understand the meaning behind your angel number, then again, you need to take some time to read guides, books, and work with experts. Attempting to interpret the message being conveyed to you through your angel number without a proper understanding of spiritualism as a whole is a bad idea. A lot of people today seem to think that they are expert spiritualists because they burn candles, incense, and they meditate. Unfortunately becoming a spiritualist is not that simple. You will need to use learning resources and will need to think about your life and everything that’s going on in it.

Deep Diving Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers. It is an esoteric belief first thought up by Pythagoras, who was mentioned earlier. If you want to become an expert in interpreting angel numbers, then you may want to sit down and study numerology. There are various courses in numerology available online. Many of these courses are free for you to join. If you intend on joining one and it is a paid course, then take some time to research the individual who’s leading it and make sure they are qualified and know what they are talking about. Again, there are a lot of phoney spiritualists circling around online at the moment.

Changing Numbers

If your numbers change, then it is a bad sign. Spiritualists believe that numbers changing means that a very important message is being conveyed to you. If your numbers change, then it is a good idea to reach out to an expert, not a phoney, and have your number interpreted for you.

Angel numbers are an integral part of many spiritualist religions and philosophies. If you are interested in them, then it is a good idea to first study numerology, and then work with an expert to interpret your numbers. Make sure to read guides, too.