Why a Water Sports Holiday is Perfect for Summer 2024

Water sports are varied; it can mean anything from waterboarding to kayaking or sailing.  If you want to go on a water sports holiday there will be plenty of activities for you and your loved ones. Summer is the season to be outdoors, enjoying nature and frolicking in the sun. There is no better way to enjoy summer than on holiday in a beautiful, warm, exotic place such as the Maldives or Costa Rica. 

If you’re still debating how to enjoy your summer holidays this year, we can help you with that. A water sports holiday is the perfect getaway for lots of reasons. 

  1. They Keep Us Active

Holidays are about unwinding, having fun, and forgetting your daily routine. Activities like water sports keep us active. Stand-up paddle boarding is a great full-body workout, and it’s fun to learn and try out. Swimming is another full-body workout; it’s great for people with joint problems. Swimming in the ocean is different from swimming in a pool, so only swim in designated areas and not too far from the shore. 

2. Fun for the whole group

Whether you plan on jet-skiing, sailing, or just swimming, water sports cater to everyone in the group. Playa Cocles on the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica offers the perfect getaway. With its soft sand and beautiful palm trees, it has an extremely laid-back vibe, and swimming in the ocean is delightful. There are plenty of places for Costa Rica water sports along the Caribbean Coast, but Playa Cocles is the best for swimming and surfing. 

3. Tranquility

A recent study has shown that our bodies and brains react positively to water and that being in or around water uplifts us. Just think of the effect a bubble bath has on you after a long, tedious day. Even when doing physical activities such as surfing and sailing, the water has a positive and serene effect on you. The whole purpose of a holiday is to refresh and unwind, so water sports holidays are ideal. 

4. Perfect for Thrill Seekers

Imagine a seven-day holiday where you get to try something different every day, but with the same adrenaline rush, whatever you’re doing. That’s what water sports holidays offer the adrenaline junkies among us. You may even run out of holiday time before you’ve experienced all the water sports your destination has to offer! Even something seemingly calm as scuba diving can be a thrill; then there’s surfing, kiteboarding, and surfing, which are also great options. 

5. There is so Much More to Do

Holiday destinations such as Mauritius, Maldives, and Costa Rica are warm most of the year, so you can pack up your surfboard, head to Carrillo or Conchal, and have plenty of fun. You can also do more than play in the water; you can take walks and explore the local cuisine. Selvatura Park, located just outside Montverde, is a perfect place to escape the water. The forest has abundant birdwatching species, or you can zipline in the canopy. 


Irrespective of where you choose to holiday this summer, be it the Caribbean coast or Tahiti, water sports are fun and have health benefits. Learning a new sport or skill also helps keep you youthful, so take those surfing and diving lessons and plan your getaway for this summer.