Why Is Calling A Lawyer After An Injury or Accident Important?

With more than 3 million non-fatal injuries happening every year in the United States, you or someone you know might have recently been involved in a car accident or suffered from a personal injury. If so, it is important to make the best moves to help you after your injury. 

Our guide below will share why calling a lawyer after an injury or an accident is critical.  

Prevent Surprise Medical Bills

Believe it or not, most injuries from either an accident or personal injury will not show up until later on. 

An attorney that is experienced will have no problem going through all the evidence in order to determine exactly who caused the injuries in order to build a strong argument on your behalf. These legal services that Fleming Law provides are a perfect way to make the end result of the case go in your favor. This will ensure that if a month or a year down the road you end up going to the hospital or doctor because of an injury during your accident you won’t have to fork out the money for those medical bills. 

A lawyer will set you up with this in mind. In case something were to come up in the future you won’t have to worry about going into bankruptcy or dealing with unexpected medical bills. 


Insurance companies are in business to make money, so unfortunately, they don’t usually have your best interest at heart. Also, insurance companies have plenty of money and legal resources at their disposal. It is rare for an insurance company to pay you the amount of money you are entitled to after a crash if you are trying to fight them on your own. 

The chances of the insurance company underbidding you are high if you don’t have help from an attorney that specializes in injuries and accidents. They might sound like they have your best interest in mind, but their end goal is to have you accept the lowest settlement possible. 

In some cases, they might even discourage you from hiring an attorney by claiming that it will make the situation more complicated. This is a major red flag that they are trying to get away with paying you as little as possible. Firms like S&B personal injury lawyers are well-known for their ability to counter such tactics effectively. 

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

There are many people that believe that the other party is responsible for pain and suffering to cover all the replacement costs for their damaged property and medical bills for their injuries. Not only are you entitled to these benefits you are more than likely also entitled to things such as loss of pay from work, emotional distress, long-term physical suffering (AKA pain and suffering), and diminished employment opportunities. 

The seriousness of the pain that you suffered is what is going to determine the pain and suffering damages that you receive. Sometimes this also includes emotional and mental damage not only physical damage. 

Only an experienced attorney can determine what your pain and suffering compensation should be. They will make sure that they have the evidence to prove this pain and suffering in court and they will also ensure that you are paid accordingly. 

Black Box Evidence

You might not be aware that vehicles in today’s world are equipped with what’s called a “black box.” These are very similar to recorders that have been used in airplanes for years. Usually, the black box will keep a record of how fast a car is going if seatbelts were used, and more information prior to the accident happening. 

An attorney can hire the experts needed to translate the information in the black box because they don’t record in a format that anyone can immediately read. It is imperative for a lawyer to get their hands on the black box soon after because it can easily be destroyed if someone else gets to it first. 

Ready to Call an Attorney to Help You?

As you can see it is very important to contact a lawyer whether you were involved in an accident or are injured. Having a professional fighting for you will make the world of a difference when it comes to receiving the help you deserve. 

Make sure that you don’t hire just any attorney, you want to ensure you choose someone with experience in either injuries or accidents. If not, you can end up worst off in the future and struggling financially. 

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