Why Is Sustainable Fashion So Important? Here Are Three Simple Reasons

We all need to be taking bigger steps towards reducing the impact we have on the environment as individuals. The scale of the bigger problem can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, but there are little things that we can all do that add up to make a big difference. Whether that’s cutting out your use of single-use plastic bags for your shopping or opting to walk when you usually drive, it all helps.

One of the buzzy environmental phrases that you may have heard recently is “sustainable fashion,” a shorthand way of saying that manufacturers and designers are working to ensure that their methods of production have no impact on the environment. Here are three reasons why it matters, and why you need to be looking for it.

The Fashion Industry Has A Real Impact

When you think about the industries and practices that have a negative impact on the environment, fashion may not immediately spring to mind but the facts have not painted a pretty picture. A paper published earlier this year reported that the fashion industry is responsible for roughly 10% of our carbon dioxide emissions on an annual basis, and uses a colossal amount of water and chemicals. What’s more, with more and more companies moving to air travel as a means to transport their products, those carbon emission numbers could continue to skyrocket. It’s more important than ever to do your research and find sustainable fashion brands that are doing their part to curtail these harmful practices.

How Was It Made?

When you glance at a label in a store, you might see the country of origin, the materials and the cleaning instructions. What that label doesn’t tell you is the environmental practices of the factory where it was made, how it was made, and the working conditions of the people who made it for you.

When you buy clothes made using sustainable materials, you are paying for the knowledge that your items were made responsibly. For example, Graciela Huam’s clothes are made from Alpaca and cotton fibres sourced in Peru. They take care to comply with international environmental standards and employ professionals who are experienced in working with these animals. You can find out more about their processes and ethical fashion clothing at gracielahuam.com. The results are clothes that are not only environmentally responsible, but also more durable and flexible due to their higher quality materials.

Cheap And Disposable Is Bad In The Long Term

We’ve all felt the impulse to pick up a cheap piece of clothing from off the rack. Sometimes those bargain prices are hard to resist, but it’s important to take a moment and think about what those savings mean. You might have saved a little cash, but you’ll be paying for it down the line, and you won’t be the only one as sustainable development is not high on the list of priorities for these brands. You can bet that the item wasn’t made using sustainable means, and the environmental cost could be more than you know. Look at the label if you’re not sure whether you’re buying responsibly.