Why It’s Important to Store Your Tobacco and Cigars the Right Way


Smoking tobaccos and/or cigars is a rewarding experience. However, to get that perfect experience, you shouldn’t just rely on how well it’s made. Apparently, tobaccos and cigars are like wine, they get better as they age. Thus, it is important that you store it well just as how carefully you store your wines.

Smoking lovers have to know the value of the best cigars, how to keep them and of course should be able to choose the best ones like cohiba cigars, partagas or montecristo.

But what does it actually do to your tobacco and cigar? Here’s a closer look.

Keep It Fresh

At first glance, you might not notice it, especially if you’re new to smoking tobacco or cigars but, it turns out, they are sensitive to humidity. It can easily absorb and release moisture from its surroundings. And the level of humidity can greatly affect its freshness.

If stored in an unfavorable environment, it could easily rot. Therefore, you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. That said, boveda and other storage essentials exist. They store your tobacco cigars correctly. As a result, they don’t rot easily.

Sure, they may cost you additional money, but they can do their job well in storing your cigars. They will ensure that your cigars will stay fresh no matter what.

Keep Its Fragrance

Some cigars, depending on how they’re made, may have a unique fragrance in them. And such a fragrance can “mature” over time, making it smell better for an enhanced user experience. However, if they aren’t stored the right way, your cigars might lose their fragrance or they won’t mature. As a result, you’re not able to make the most out of the product.

If you store it properly, though, you may be able to enhance its fragrance. And, of course, keep it from rotting, so you can store it longer.

Get What You Paid For

Naturally, cigars don’t come cheap, and unfortunately, they are sensitive to humidity. In fact, it can easily lose its flavor and essential oils when stored in a dry environment. And when in a moist place, the chances of it rotting is high.

And if you’ll only let them rot, needless to say, it’s like you’re just letting your dollar bills rot too. For that reason, cigar smokers follow the maintaining level within the range of 65% – 75% relative humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to ensure that their cigars age well and maintain their freshness for a longer period.

This way, their cigars won’t be wasted and they can enjoy the smoking experience more compared to just leaving it to accumulate moisture without proper storage.

Better Experience

Of course, no one wants to smoke a rotten cigar. You want to keep it fresh over the years to maintain its flavor and fragrance too as they all add up to a great smoking experience. Thus, proper storage is a must.

Many people often overlook cigar storage, not knowing how greatly it could affect their experience. That said, whether you’re new to cigar smoking or not, it’s time to give your cigars some TLC to make the most out of it every time you use them. Paying extra for its storage will go a long way.