Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once in Your Life

Travelling in any form is incredibly rewarding. Experiencing incredible landscapes and discovering other cultures is an adventure for all the senses, and has the power to transform your perspective. You’ll leave feeling emotionally enriched, with new connections and a wealth of lifelong memories.

Not having a holiday partner shouldn’t deter you from exploring the world. There’s so much to see and do, and no time to waste! Travelling solo at least once in your life also prepares you for future challenges and can have a profound effect on who you are as a person.

The benefits of travelling solo

Boosted confidence

Travelling solo is an instant confidence boost. Overcoming daily challenges on your own such as navigating new places and socialising with strangers is incredibly empowering. This, alongside tackling larger problems without help, will lead you to trust in yourself and your capabilities. 

Sense of independence

Being alone might be daunting, but the sense of independence it brings is utterly rewarding. There are not many situations in life when you have complete autonomy over your actions and time, so savour the chance to call the shots and live your ideal life. 

You’ll also have plenty of space to decompress and spend quality time with yourself, a luxury in this age of constant connection.

Journey of self-discovery

Spending a significant amount of time by yourself and away from your usual routine enables you to go on a journey of self-discovery. Without the usual distractions, you become more aware of your emotional responses, both positive and negative. This will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

A solo trip might reveal a new passion, solidify what makes you happy, and challenge you to shake off irrational impulsive habits that are weighing you down.

Considerations for solo travel


Being able to live spontaneously is one of the great joys of solo travel, but some preparation is still key. 

For example, it’s still essential to plan your transport to the airport for a seamless outbound journey. You can take advantage of facilities like Manchester Airport Terminal 3 parking to secure your car while you’re away, or utilise direct public transport routes for further flexibility.  

As well as considering transport, prioritise preparation before you move to a new destination. Every country has its own customs and it’s best to be aware of these before you step foot on their soil.


Safety is a concern for many who are contemplating travelling solo, especially women. Travelling alone does make you more vulnerable, particularly in countries with gender inequality, and it’s true that you should take extra care. 

Having said that, by following recommended tips to stay safe as a solo traveller your trip should go without a hitch. These include sharing your location with friends and family, creating an emergency plan, protecting your valuables, and choosing your accommodation carefully.

Being more organised with your itinerary might help you to feel more secure when abroad alone. This includes pre-booking accommodation through an established website and sticking to a fixed route. You could even consider travelling with a company who specialise in small group tours.