Winter at The Shed – Notting Hill

The Shed, brings farm-to-fork British cuisine to a rustic cosy corner of Notting Hill. The snug pub-like atmosphere beckons in with a sense of warmth and intimacy that is as rare as it is delightful. This flagship restaurant, created by the Gladwin brothers, has become synonymous with sustainability and hyper seasonality that creates an atmosphere that feels both welcoming and innovative.

Guests at The Shed are greeted by a shabby-chic homely interior. Barrel tables and bar stools complete the look, inviting diners to settle in for an evening of perfect warmth to escape the cold of winter. Adding some delicious Nutbourne wines from the family vineyard in West Sussex into the mix perfects the feeling.

At the heart of The Shed’s ethos is a commitment to sustainability and a farm-to-fork approach to dining. The Gladwin brothers have championed the use of hyper-seasonal produce, ensuring that every dish is a reflection of the best the season has to offer. This dedication to seasonal eating is not just a culinary choice, but a statement of their commitment to environmental stewardship, with zero waste targets at the forefront of their operations.

The menu at The Shed is a testament to the rich bounty of the British countryside. Wild, foraged, and locally grown ingredients feature prominently, with some produce coming directly from the Gladwin family farm in West Sussex. This close connection to the land is palpable in every dish, offering diners a taste of the British landscape.

Celebrating British produce,The Partridge popcorn, a playful yet sophisticated starter, is served rusticly with pine salt. Delicious morsels of perfectly fried partridge made festive and even tastier with a tangy cranberry sauce. Pair it with the Chargrilled Bosham purple sprouting broccoli with an incredible sweet chilli jam – a revelation in simplicity and taste.

The Roasted spiced Bosham cauliflower & wild mushroom dish stands out for its homemade tahini yoghurt and candied walnut. Meat enthusiasts will revel in the South Downs Venison Steak, a hearty and flavorful dish accompanied by Jerusalem artichoke puree, Chichester beetroot, red currant, and a rich blackberry jus. The winter treats in a warm and comfy environment makes for the perfect protection from the crisp night.

Speaking of perfection, The Shed’s Truffle ravioli is a must-try, offering the earthy flavours of truffle in a delicate pasta with a creamy sauce. And to conclude, the Salted caramel chocolate torte with Chantilly cream is a decadent end to the meal, balancing sweetness and saltiness in a symphony of flavours.

In essence, The Shed is a celebration of British agriculture, a testament to sustainable eating, and a warm, welcoming space where every meal feels like a special occasion.