Wun’s Tea Room, Soho

In the heart of Soho, Wun’s Tea Room sits on a corner of the famous Greek Street. Soho, glorious Soho. The iconic central London hub feels more alive than ever at the moment! It’s bustling, filled with energy and excitement, almost as if it’s making up for the lost time of the past year. The streets filled with sprawling tables make it the perfect place to catch up with friends and wile away a lovely summer evening.

One of the perfectly placed restaurants you will see in Soho is Wun’s Tea Room. Founded by husband and wife Z He and Alex Peffly, this restaurant has since gained a strong cult following of their flavourful Cantonese food, known for their signature fatty Iberico char siu with spiced sugar skin, a particular fan favourite.

The atmosphere of Wun’s tea room is the first noticeable thing about this delightful restaurant. Wun’s aims to capture the atmosphere of Hong Kong’s open air street cafes (dai pai dong). Hanging plants in the restaurant allow customers to experience tranquility just a stones throw away from the busy streets, and glass doors that concertina completely open bathe it in natural light, allowing the summer evening to soak into the room.

The restaurant is spread across two floors, with a sophisticated neon lit basement bar underneath, great for customers looking to escape the busyness of central London for an atmospheric drink and some sensational food.

During lockdown the team at Wun’s have been busy curating more new and exciting dishes, such as their tasty clay pot rice bowls, fried chicken with kung pao butter and cumin lamb ribs with Sichuan pickles.

The drinks offered here are carefully refined and the cocktails are made with purpose. The staff working at Wun’s are friendly and helpful, offering expert advice when it comes to pairing the food with the drinks.

The fig & gin cocktail was recommended by the lovely staff at Wun’s Tea Room, for a light pre dinner drink. The Ophir gin is mellow, light and refreshing. The fig liqueur lightly sweetens the drink and it is complimented beautifully with red rice wine and lemon juice, resulting in a charmingly pink cocktail.

Another strong asset to the drinks menu is the Sweet rice Negroni which is a strong and warming number. The drink connoisseur expertly balances the flavours with subtle orange notes in this punchy cocktail, the result being a pallet warming, high quality Negroni with a marked depth of flavour. 

Like the drinks menu, the food menu has a select few number of dishes. The food is rooted in Cantonese style but they proudly push boundaries when it comes to flavour combinations.

The tiger herb salad is great way to start the meal and makes for a nice compliment to one of the rice claypots. The salad is crisp and nutty with apple offering a little sweetness, and a refreshing addition to the more richer dishes.

The mixed mushroom claypot is a tasty, smoky and hearty vegetarian option, with tenderstem broccoli adding a wonderful amount of texture. Whilst for meat eaters the Sirloin steak with potatoes is a rich, flavourful dish. The depth of flavour offered by the sirloin, soaks beautifully into the surrounding potatoes creating a deep and decadent main.

To finish the food, the hibiscus cocktail is a fragrant and sweet option from the drinks menu and comes with the added charm of being served in a tea pot!

Wuns tea room is worth a visit for high quality, sophisticated Cantonese food and is a wonderful place to enjoy a cocktail whilst soaking up the fabulous atmosphere in the beating heart of Soho.


23 Greek St, London W1D 4DZ