Zadig & Voltaire introduces…This is Really!Her and This is Really!Him.

Propelled by the lively atmosphere of night-time Paris, two free spirits venture forth to live their love story. Desire, urges and longing are constantly exploding.

Their passionate journey comes to an end at daybreak. In their sillage? A signature fragrance. Timeless. From day to night. And from night to day.

THIS IS REALLY HER! and THIS IS REALLY HIM! defy convention. Bold. Brave. Boundless. Never was a scent so striking, so powerful. And with good reason: Zadig&Voltaire is today unveiling the two intense fragrances in its story.

The inspiration? Zadig&Voltaire fashion and lifestyle. Obviously, and as always. Crumpled leather is one of the Paris brand’s signatures.

For THIS IS REALLY!, the label on the bottle is embellished by the rolled metal effect seen on Cécilia Bönström’s designs. Iconic, timeless pieces, that can be worn both day and night. A nod to this new intense fragrance, all around the clock.

Throughout a glittering night, the duo of emblematic This is! bottles transparently reveal the fragrance. Here, their side crevices convey a new message: two kindred spirits coming together, in the intensity of twilight, until daybreak.

Unique, like night-time Paris. Intense, like amorous excitement. THIS IS REALLY HER! glorifies sensuality and boldness, both by day and by night. “To breathe life into this olfactive chiaroscuro effect, I’ve played the contrast card at every level,” declares Sidonie Lancesseur, perfumer at Robertet.

Top notes of luminous pink pepper, almost sparkling thanks to the spicy facets of a basil-rose accord, are given added depth by rum-amber notes. At the heart, a dazzling bouquet of roses, with original metallic nuances, challenges the iconic chestnut accord. This olfactive adventure comes to a close with the unctuousness of patchouli and the sensuality of a vanilla accord coming into play.

Boundless. THIS IS REALLY HIM! defies convention. Its only rule? The Zadig way of life. Nathalie Lorson, perfumer at Firmenich, saw to this personally: “This new magnetic fragrance illuminates and warms the shadows of the Parisian night.”

This nocturnal journey begins a detour, an encounter between citrus fruits. Scintillating notes of grapefruit and lemon darken on contact with an original metallic orange blossom accord. All this precedes a subtle woody accord of Palo Santo, warmed by amber notes, which sets its seal on this nocturnal adventure.


The rebellious essence of Zadig&Voltaire, quite simply. A duo of iconic fragrances, like a leather biker jacket, to celebrate art and rock. Feminine – a white bottle. Masculine – a black bottle. And their resolutely Parisian sillage: an opulent and addictive sandalwood.


A perfume for her, for him, for us… This is Us! is the embodiment of the Zadig tribe. A comforting fragrance that combines sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla: as soft as the iconic Zadig&Voltaire cashmere sweater.


A moment of freedom. A wild interlude. This is! Vibes of Freedom is a call to take a break from everything, wearing simply a wispy silk blouse. For her, a floral exhalation, warmed by a creamy chestnut accord. For him, the freshness of mandarin and the energy of incense.


This is! Undressed is the authentic story of two addictive fragrances, as sensual as bare skin. The common thread: a bare skin accord, illuminated by orange blossom and warmed by sandalwood.


Metallic nuances, like a fashion statement. Like a jacket in crumpled laminated leather that takes you from day to night. And from night to day. For her, it’s an original rose, which meets the iconic chestnut accord. For him, it’s a faceted orange blossom accord, which darkens a duo of citrus fruits.

A unique backdrop? Night-time Paris. An authentic duo? Two soulmates, as inseparable on screen as in real life. The olfactive signature? An original metallic accord. More intense than ever, THIS IS REALLY HER! and THIS IS REALLY HIM! break the boundaries of freedom. A new adventure, at the frontier between day and night. This is Zadig!

Available at The Perfume Shop on 11th March and 15th April at Superdrug

This is Really! Her 100ml £119

This is Really! Him 100ml £82