10 Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces

When deciding on the best hairstyles for long faces, the aim should be to balance out things. 

The entire focus should be on making a face look rounded by working on the vertical length of the face. And those with elongated foreheads should style their hair with face-framing bangs or cute fringes. 

Well, there are a lot of options to choose from. Here, we have shared the best flattering hairstyles for women with long faces. Read on to pick your favorite cut. 

#1 Heavy Fringe 

Thick fringes make a great hair styling option for long faces as they break up the length perfectly and reduce the bold appearance of elongated foreheads. For a more stylish look, keep the fringes just below the eyebrows. It works for nearly everyone. 

Also, there are different types of shears for different hairstyles, so ensure your hairdresser uses the right one to get a perfect cut. 

Heavy fringes are ideal for people with thicker hair. 

#2 Middle Parting

This is the most basic yet the most versatile hairstyle that suits all types of faces. Since a long face is high in length, a middle parting would add the needed width to the face and help your hair fall symmetrically. 

This hairstyle gives the illusion of a rounder face, enhancing your cheekbones and jawline, which accentuates your attributes in the most subtle way. Also, keep in mind not to cut your hair much shorter. Keep them long and messy. 

And ladies, take a look at how Kim Kardashian rocks center parting! 

#3 Side Parting

Again, this is the most basic yet sleep styling option for long faces. A side parting gives your face a lot of volume on one side, which helps balance your overall features. 

A side parting is meant to give you a neat and well-groomed look while making your face appear rounder. All you need is a comb and small amounts of wax to maintain it for longer hours. 

#4 Chin Length Bob

Chin length bob is again recommended for creating the illusion of width for long faces. 

If you want a more edgy look, experts advise going for a sleek one-length sharp bob, perfect for accentuating features on a long face. To maintain this look for an extended period of time, you should consider blow drying for a sleek finish. 

You can anytime stalk Taylor Swift to see how flawlessly she has carried her chin-length bob in the past. 

#5 Textured Bob

A textured bob is a trendy hairstyle preferred by most young women. It’s a more sophisticated cut that looks amazing with wavy hair regardless of the volume. You can skip the bangs with this style, while blunt or side-swept bangs would make a good addition to the entire look. 

And as far as wearing the cut is concerned, keep the look raw and messy. Also, as per the hair quality and texture, certain texturizing techniques and other tools should be used to achieve a fine cut. 

#6 Long Hair with layers

Keeping long hair with textured layers is a winning style option for long faces. It helps create a rounder and fuller look with layers and big waves. When going out for the entire day, make sure you carry a sea salt spray to give your hairstyle a beachy finish that lasts all day long. 

Not only does this cut give heavy volume to your hair, but it also makes you look sexy and elegant at the same time. Ladies, it’s indeed a flattering hairstyle! 

Plus, you can style this cut in many ways.

#7 Collarbone Length Waves With Side Part

Collarbone length hairstyles always rock for long faces. Though if you are wedded to your strands and always like a little extra length, it would be disheartening for you to switch to a collarbone bob style. 

Though taking the cut is a baller move, it gives a stunning look to your face. All you need to wear is your confidence, and you’ll rock the hairstyle. 

Besides, with so many color combinations available for highlights, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

#8 Half Up Half Down 

This one has to be the classic yet sleek hair styling option for long faces. Half partition up and half down sort of break the illusion of a longer face shape, diverting the attention to the hairstyle. 

Plus, you can wear this style in several ways, making it the most suitable option for women. 

Moreover, it’s a versatile styling choice as you can take the upper part of the hair and go with intricate braids, space buns, straight-up ponytails, sky-high ponies, and many others.

You can even take out a few flicks to enhance your facial features. 

#9 Long Curls With Bangs

Long curls with bangs are a great option for women looking for an effortless style and hair color. To achieve a cute and stylish look, you should get short textured bangs as they look super adorable with long layers. 

Although only long hair with curls makes a safe choice for a long face shape, getting bangs would accentuate your features and make your face look rounder.

Just make sure to regularly condition your hair and style them with a blower for a neat and clean look. 

#10 Pageboy Cut 

Pageboy cut style is a dramatic yet classy option and looks best if you have thicker and voluminous hair. Although this style is dominant among women, it’s getting popular among young boys and men as well. 

This cut works well for long and oval-shaped faces and gives an edgy look to the face. While people with round and rectangular face shapes skip page boy cuts.

Bottom Line 

People with long faces have numerous styling options to choose from. While it’s imperative to get a cut that goes well with your face cut and other features, it eventually boils down to your confidence. You can rock a so-called boring hairstyle with your attitude or ruin a classy cut with a lack of confidence. So, learn to carry your hairstyles with ease and style.