10 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves To Travel

Travel lovers don’t need much besides traveling. A bottle of water, a camera, and a wallet full of cash are some things people with wanderlust find necessary. All trip-goers own these things, but there are still some items that can make their next journey better or help them on their next sightseeing. 

You might not have the money to secure their next trip around the world, but you can try to make it easier and more fun. If you are looking for the best gift ideas from which your traveling buddy could benefit, continue reading below! 

Top Choices for Travel Enthusiasts 

Their birthday might be coming up, or you just want to prepare them for the next adventure abroad. An avid adventurer will surely appreciate the following travel-friendly gifts! 

1. A Scratch-Off World Map 

One way to make a map more interesting is by making it a scratch-off. This world map can be placed on your travel enthusiast buddy’s wall, helping them keep track of the places they’ve visited. 

The non-scratched places will work as a reminder of the locations they have yet to see. This map will surely be a great gift to help your friend remember all the good times they’ve had while hitting the road.

2. A Nice Vape Device and Case 

Sightseeing can be made much better with the right vape device – nothing like enjoying a beautiful view while vaping. If you gift your friend a nice vape pen, you’ll remind them to have fun along the journey. 

It will also let them relax after a long trip. Another great gift for a vaping traveler is a sturdy, waterproof vape case that will endure extreme weather conditions and bumpy roads. It should be durable for long journeys, so make sure you shop for high-quality vape products.

3. Portable Charger 

Portable chargers are a lifesaver if your travel buddy spends a lot of time traveling. Not many buses or planes allow charging, so it’s best to be safe. They can enjoy their rides while listening to music worry-free, knowing they have something to save their battery. 

A power bank is also necessary to charge a rechargeable vape device, camera, Bluetooth speaker, and much more. Plus, it can come in quite handy if they get lost on their way and need to call for help.

4. Water Purifier 

If your adventurous friend travels to exotic places, they may not have access to clean water. Some tropical destinations have bad water conditions, so a purifier can save their health. 

A water purifier will help them get drinkable, clean water by filtering hurtful microbes and bacteria. As a part of a disaster-prevention kit, the water purifier makes fresh water from any river, puddle, or lake in the middle of nowhere. 

5. Colorful Hammock 

Nothing like a foldable, portable hammock to make your venture-taking pal’s trip much more enjoyable. Since hammocks are light as a feather, they can strap it and carry it in their backpack. 

They don’t have to worry about paying for sunbeds either, as the hammock can sit neatly underneath any two trees. A hammock will contribute to the feeling of a vacation, whether strapped on a beach or in a forest. 

6. An Airline Giftcard 

One of the best gifts you can give a travel enthusiast is more opportunities to travel, so an airplane ride gift card is just the thing. Nothing like flying across the world with a huge discount!

If you are prepared to spend a bit more, you can find gift cards from airlines like Ryanair or American Airlines. These airlines allow incredibly discounted weekend getaways for less than $50. The cards also don’t expire until every last journey is completed. 

7. Portable Espresso Machine 

A good cup of Joe can make any trip better. It will also help travelers prepare for the day. With a portable espresso machine, your friend can have fresh coffee whenever they please.

It weighs less than a pound and is compatible with Nespresso pods. Besides being light, the machine comes with a travel baggy that does not take up too much space. 

8. Silk Eye Mask 

Long rides are extremely tiring and can ruin anyone’s sleep schedule. This is where a sleep mask can help. But not any kind! Get them a silk eye mask and let your friend enjoy the trip, and get a good rest.

The material is smooth, soft, and cold, helping your exhausted, adventurous friend fall asleep faster. There are also adjustable straps, so you know the mask will fit perfectly without any pressure on the eyes or forehead. The silky-smooth and non-see-through mask will provide comfort even on the most stressful trips. 

9. A Packing List Pad 

A packing list pad is an affordable gift that your friend will truly appreciate. This pad has everything from clothing to hygiene to the basics necessary while preparing for a trip.

It will remind them not to forget anything and make the whole packing ordeal much less stressful. They won’t have to worry about whether they’ve packed their underwear as the list pad has everything – you just need to check it! 

10. 101 Places to Visit Encyclopedia 

Buying your trip-goer buddy a travel encyclopedia will give them a chance to fill up their trip with knowledge. If they visit a location from the encyclopedia, they can run through the pages and learn something about its history.

It can also inspire them about the next journey. An encyclopedia is an amazing gift that will show them how great some places are and prompt them to keep on exploring. 


A person with a severe case of wanderlust wants nothing but to travel. So why not make their trip more fun and easy? Pick any of the gifts above – they will surely find it useful if you get them at least one. 

Whether they are in a jungle with no clean water or are desperate for a fresh cup of espresso, your present will be there to save the day!