2024: A Culinary Crystal Ball

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re witnessing a fascinating evolution in the world of food and drink that promises to redefine our culinary experiences. From the increasing popularity of flexitarianism and the resurgence of shared dining experiences to the growing demand for premium whiskies and a renewed appreciation for lesser-known fish varieties, there’s a lot to explore. In this article, we’ve tapped into the insights of our top chefs and beverage experts who are at the forefront of the latest trends in the culinary world. Join us as we unveil the exciting trends that are set to make waves in 2024.


Vivek Singh, Executive Chef at The Cinnamon Club

“2024 is going to be about flexitarianism, with people making more conscious choices on what they eat to better their health, as well the planet. Diners will be limiting their meat intake, and we will see more restaurants offering alternative dishes to support this lifestyle choice. I’ve introduced my new ‘Flexi-Saag’ dish – a hearty spinach and mixed green Saag dish, with veggie and meat options; giving people the flexibility to make their own mindful choices.”


Jack Stein, Chef Director at Rick Stein Restaurants

“There is a big population of crayfish (spiny lobsters) in our seas at the moment, which we haven’t seen for a long time, so I’m excited to see more on UK menus. I also think there will be a rise in under-loved species of fish being eaten, such as pouting, dab and whiting as they are lower in price. No-dig agriculture will be a topic of conversation in 2024 – which is agriculture without tilling the soil – as more people are looking to this for environmental benefits and a minimum cultivation approach.”


Kerth Gumbs, Head Chef at Fenchurch, Sky Garden 

“As we embrace a new year, Fenchurch’s mission is clear: to redefine the fine-dining experience. Next year will be about personalised and memorable dining experiences with the return of joy and playfulness to our plates. With a priority on vibrant colours and creative flavours characteristic of Caribbean culture, we look towards a fresher, more exciting 2024 where every plate tells a story. We will also be focussing on health and well-being – our menus will continue to strike a harmonious balance between indulgence and wellness, embracing diverse dietary needs, whether that be plant-based options or dishes crafted with the locally sourced, fresh ingredients.”


Marco Corsica, Head Chef at Bocconcino Mayfair 

“Sharing plates’ popularity will continue to grow next year with more and more menus featuring tapas, cicchetti and mezze. As people look for more cost-effective ways to dine in 2024, smaller sharing options are great for varied budgets, as well as appealing to younger audiences who yearn for more social dining experiences and visually pleasing tablescapes for their feeds. Our new Soho restaurant serves a selection of Italian cicchetti offering our signature Italian dishes in smaller forms so diners can experience as many flavours as possible.”


Hubert Beatson-Hird, Owner Director of Lunar Pub Co 

“Expect to see a focus on quality over quantity in 2024. Consumers will go out to restaurants less but when they do they will spend more desiring top quality food and good, vibey venues. Foie gras has been declining for years and I expect we’ll see it vanish off menus next year to be replaced by mushroom parfait, an ingredient that’s been on the rise and are already showing up on menus.”

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Ely Guilloux, Bar Manager at 100 Wardour Street

“Mezcal will continue to boom in 2024, both in terms of retail sales and with bar-goers requesting to include it in cocktails, such as margaritas and twists on the classic Old-Fashioned. We’re also seeing a rise in spice-based drinks, so I predict this will trend in 2024 with guests opting for Spicy Tommy Margaritas and Spicy Margaritas instead of the classics.”


Hubert Beatson-Hird, Owner Director of Lunar Pub Co 

“There will be a much higher demand for whiskies and bourbon in all its forms. We’ve already started to see an increase in the number of people asking for off-menu whiskey-based cocktails such as Manhattans and Sours, and I don’t see this slowing down in 2024!”

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