A Mediterranean Dream at Hovarda, Soho

Step into Hovarda, nestled on Rupert Street in Soho, an architectural wonder envisioned by Lázaro Rosa-Violan. Its allure lies in a dual experience: an upscale cocktail haven and a bustling restaurant flaunting open kitchens and fiery grills. Celebrating Aegean tastes, their menu artfully blends Greek and Turkish coastal flavours, promising a gastronomic expedition through the Mediterranean’s soul in the heart of vibrant London.

To commerce your evening, Indulge in the yellowtail cold meze, a delicate fusion of rich flavours where buttery yellowtail meets nuanced smokiness of pine caviar. Buttermilk adds creamy depth, while grape and dill provide a refreshing tang, crafting a perfectly balanced sensory delight.

Alternatively, opt for the hot meze featuring scallops bathing in a sumptuous mussel sauce, offering a harmonious blend of savoury richness and oceanic depth. Enhanced by kafir lime’s zesty brightness and subtle earthy notes of cauliflower, this dish promises a tantalising prelude to your culinary journey at Hovarda in Soho.

Continuing your dining journey, explore the enticing main courses. The Red Prawns Orzo presents a harmonious blend, with red prawns immersed in a tantalising red prawn bisque sauce, elevated by a touch of chilli oil and fragrant marjoram. This dish unites the prawns’ delicate sweetness with the savoury depth of the bisque for a delightful culinary experience.

Alternatively, from the grill, savour the succulent Lamb Rack infused with aromatic oregano and zesty lemon oil. This grilled masterpiece promises tender, flavoursome lamb complemented by the herbaceous richness of oregano and the bright zestiness of lemon oil. Both options showcase Hovarda’s culinary finesse, ensuring a delightful continuation of your dining journey in Soho’s vibrant culinary scene. 

To conclude a splendid evening, opt for the Pistachio Kataifi. This dessert combines pistachio cremeaux with caramelised nuts and a touch of cardamom syrup. A harmonious blend of nutty flavours and subtle sweetness, it serves as a delightful conclusion to your remarkable dining experience at Hovarda, leaving a lingering taste of culinary excellence.



36-40 Rupert St, London W1D 6DW