3 Small Yet Crucial Elements for your Interior Design

Many people make one of two mistakes when creating an interior design on their own: either they build a gorgeous home like the ones you see on Pinterest, but one that lacks personality, or they go all out and add a ton of decorations that make the rooms look much too crowded. This is why it’s so crucial to consider all the little things that add up to make a house seem like a home. Consider these little details as the accessories of an outfit: while the ensemble is still complete without them, they certainly give it a more polished and deliberate look. If you’ve made the ambitious decision to redecorate your house and don’t know what exactly to add for it to have more character, we’ve gathered a few ideas for you that will give your home the charm it needs. 


Whether you’re well known in your friend group for your gardening skills or you’re the type of person who can kill a cactus, plants will undeniably make a big difference for your interior design, especially if you’re going for neutral tones for your walls such as white, beige, or light gray. By adding these bright green elements you will make your house feel more welcoming and alive, while also improving the air quality by removing toxins. Some of the most popular plants to have at home include monstera, succulents, pothos, and snake plant. 

Kitchen utensils 

The kitchen is a room that is just as important as the living room or bedroom, so the small elements that you can add to enhance its appearance are also very important. The utensils that you use can make a big difference, so opt for buying an all-in-one set of culinary tools. Other than the spoons, spatulas, and whisks, mugs also play an important role for your interior design, as they can also be used as decorative elements, for example as vases. We recommend getting Irish mugs made of pottery, as they feature unique designs ranging from traditional elements to silly animals that can cheer up anyone who enters your home. Plus, it is a well-known fact that coffee tastes way better when you enjoy it from a beautiful cup, which is yet another reason to add an Irish mug to your collection of kitchen utensils. 


No room looks complete without one or a few pieces of fine artwork that would complement the color scheme of your space. The kind of art you select will largely depend on your personal preferences, but we would advise getting abstract paintings and paying attention to their measurements because you don’t want the art to look extravagantly large on a small wall. The color scheme is also crucial since darker hues like deep blue or forest green look very beautiful with gold and bronze accents, which can also add charm and make the room appear more luxurious. Also, don’t overlook framing since a poor frame can make even the most stunning painting appear cheap and tacky.