4 foreplay tips to make your partner go crazy

Sex, in all of its forms, is so appealing. It can also be fun. Foreplay is exciting, stimulating, and arousing. When you want to have sex, don’t just go through the motions or act as if you’re being pursued. Spend time with foreplay; it’s enjoyable and helps your lover anticipate what’s to come. Foreplay is not just right before sex, it can be all day, until you actually have sex at any time. Foreplay can also take days, before leading to an actual sex. It is the anticipation and excitement that makes it all the more fun for all the parties.

Here are 4 foreplay tips that are sure to guide you in driving your partner crazy and stirred up:

Dirty Talk

Even if you have to whisper, open your mouth and let those filthy ideas out.

Talking filthy to your partner could get their thoughts and heart racing. So incorporating some dirty talk into your foreplay will get him all pumped up.

Tell your partner how you’d like him to touch you and where you’d like their hands to go.

Tell your partner how you’re feeling in your body.

A mere whispered remark or emotion might cause their arousal to soaring to new heights.

Talk dirty to her. Whisper it in her ear and bite her earlobes gently with a little teeth.


Throughout the day, tease your partner.

Visit them on their lunch break and give them a sexy kiss.

Sit firmly on his lap with your body crushed against his while he watches TV.

Slip of a bra hand, open your legs slowly to reveal your thighs. Make a point of giving him a seductive glance.

You can also use your words to tease your partner using suggestive sexual puns.

Deny each other physical release all day – if you find it hard to show self-control there’s chastity toys you can use

Remove items of clothing one at a time very slowly

When it comes to foreplay, it’s a marathon you are running, not a sprint. Begin by removing their clothing, rather than immediately stripping down. Wait a few minutes before removing their underwear, and so on. Kisses and licks can then be directed toward the newly uncovered body portion. Massage your partner’s legs after you’ve removed his or her jeans. You can lick and softly suck on their nipples when the top has been removed.

Give an erotic massage to your partner

Start by giving your spouse a massage that both calms and teases them if you’re going to have penetrative sex. Set the ambiance with lighting and music (Ladies prefer soft lighting – keep away from fluorescents), and then go ahead and apply the massage oil.

After that, you should begin massaging them. Begin with their arms, legs, and back, then move on to “sexier” parts, they should relax their muscles. You can start massaging those naughty bits once they’re completely relaxed.

Wrap Up

Are you all hot and wet already from reading? Then imagine how your partner will feel. Foreplay is enjoyed by all genders and you can use any of the tips given, on any gender. Make it sizzling hot, and fun – make your partner go crazy with desire.