4 Reasons Divorce Can Be More Stressful For Men

Divorce is stressful both for men and women, but the researchers claim that men usually undergo marriage termination with more stress and complications in the end. The reasons may be various, but how the stress of divorce impacts men most often is highlighted further. 

Review the reasons why divorcios en Florida is more stressful for men than women and go through your marriage termination process without much turbulence.

  1. Men Are Blindsided by Divorce 

Although men cheat on their partners more often, are more inclined to domestic abuse and intolerant behavior, or don’t commit to the relationships the way women do, they don’t usually expect the marriage to end due to the reasons listed above. Men are usually self-confident so that they don’t believe their spouse may leave them. This is why divorce is harder for men to accept and overcome.

The statistics claim that women initiate the end of marriage several times more frequently than men. In this case, men are usually blindsided by divorce. They are sure the relationships are going the right way since their needs and wishes are satisfied. While women crave more and seek solutions in looking for a better match than their partner. 

2. Men Suppress Their Emotions

Society sees men as strong and having no tendency and even right to get too emotional. This fact prevents many male divorcees from coping with divorce-related emotions and feelings. They either suppress or ignore their emotions until they ruin their inner peace and mental wellness. 

Men skip the grieving stage, making it impossible for them to let the past go to the full extent and leaving male divorcees with hidden feelings of offense, guilt, blame, etc. So when divorce and stress combination overwhelms men, they turn to bad habits and may undergo depression and similar mental and physical health disorders.

3. Men Usually Don’t Seek Help

Commonly women have stronger and bigger support teams than men do. The latter usually discuss football, sex, and work, but prefer not to talk about personal life, especially when they are turbulent. Plus, men rarely seek help from community support groups, therapists, family counseling, and so on. This makes it hardly possible for men to discuss their family troubles with anyone, get advice, or simply talk it out to close ones. 

Plus, men usually have relationship-contingent self-esteem, meaning that relationship failure defines the decline in personality progress and achievements, which brings men down and lower their self-esteem significantly.

3. Men Lose Connection with Children

Another vital detail that increases the level of stress from divorce for men is the loose ties with their children. When the family parts, the children usually stay with their mom who is defined as a more suitable caretaker. So following the marriage termination, men have their relationships worsened with their children. 

In addition, when they were one family, the mother used to do all the care and household work, and it was enough for the father to be around the kids from time to time to have their respect and affection. But when the divorce comes and parents enter into a co-parenting agreement, both mother and father have to commit to childcare. But it doesn’t guarantee for the relationships between father and children to remain of the same intensity, especially when they are away from each other most of the time. It creates additional concerns for male divorcees. 

As a result, men suffer from disappointment and loneliness being unable to see their kids and get inspired by the affection and support they may get from them. 


Men find it more difficult to overcome breaking up with partner and return to normal life due to different reasons and personal peculiarities. But most frequently men get overstressed since they are blindsided by divorce not expecting their partners to be dissatisfied with their relationship. Plus they cannot deal with divorce-related emotions appropriately. Men suppress and hide their emotions, first ignoring them and then getting overwhelmed with them and their life distorted. Men also neither have anyone nor want to ask for assistance with overcoming the marriage termination issues. And last but not least the weakened connection with kids after divorce literally breaks their hearts. As a result, complications arise and make it difficult for men to go back to a normal life efficiently.