Understanding Polo Shirts: Jersey vs. Pique

Ah, polo shirts. Whether you prefer them jersey or piqué, long sleeve or short sleeve, there’s one thing we can agree on: The versatility of the polo shirt is nearly unparalleled. Both also have this athletic cut polo shirts vibe. We’ll discuss the differences between jersey and piqué and consider the pros and cons of each type. Is it worth spending extra for 100 % cotton? What’s so special about Italian fabric? And what are we to do with a pocket in front of our polo? All this and more as we answer perhaps the most pressing question of our time: How are jerseys and piqué polos different from one another? 

The Story of the Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is one of the world’s most recognizable pieces of clothing. It’s so iconic that it’s often associated with a certain kind of person: the preppy guy who plays golf or the wealthy person who lives in a mansion. But the polo shirt didn’t always have such a high-class reputation. When it was initially made, it was intended to be worn by individuals who put in long shifts in challenging environments and didn’t have time to play golf or have a large home!

The story of this piece of clothing starts with a man named René Lacoste. The year was 1933, and Lacoste worked as an engineer for a company called Avis de Preuves de Textiles (APT). APT was looking for someone who could design athletic cut polo shirts that would help prevent sunburn and chafing while playing tennis or golf outdoors during summertime weather conditions. Lacoste jumped at the chance to work on this project because APT had just hired him after being fired from another company due to his tuberculosis diagnosis (he’d contracted it as an adolescent).

Lacoste worked day and night on this design for months until he finally came up with something he thought would suit the project. He presented the method to his bosses at APT, and they were immediately impressed by it, so much so that they decided to put Lacoste in charge of designing all future sports shirts.

Jersey Polo

The material of our Jersey Polo is a cotton blend with a twist. Our polo shirts have a cotton/polyester blend, which makes for a soft and breathable shirt that’s still durable and machine-washable. The main benefit of wearing our Jersey Polo is its comfort. The fabric is soft, smooth, and lightweight—perfect for those hot summer days when you want to look good without sweating buckets.

It has added some stretch to the fabric so that it moves with you and doesn’t restrict your movement like other polos. This means you can wear it for sports or casual events without sacrificing comfort or style! This type of polo shirt also tends to shrink after washing, so this is probably not the ideal option if you’re searching for something that will last for an extended period. However, if you only wear it occasionally, this won’t be an issue because there won’t be much worn on it anyway!

Pique Polo

The Pique Polo is made of 100% cotton. It is an excellent choice for those who want to stay cool in the summer heat. The Pique Polo is a perfect option for those who want to keep calm and comfortable while still looking sharp. The lightweight fabric is breathable, which will help you maintain your body temperature while preventing you from overheating. The material also feels soft against your skin, so you won’t feel like the shirt is weighing you down.

The Pique Polo is great for any time you need to wear a polo shirt, whether for work or play. It comes in several colors and styles, so some options will fit any occasion or style preference. These shirts tend not to shrink much, so they can last a long time. Pique Polo Shirts are also very popular with golfers because they are comfortable and easy to move in while still looking professional!

Which Polo Should I Wear?

When deciding between a jersey polo or a piqué polo, you must ask yourself if you value style or comfort. Jersey polos are the most popular and easy to find in any store. They’re made of a lightweight fabric that wicks sweat away from your body, so they’re great for summer. Since they come in so many various shades and designs, you can pick one that perfectly reflects your personal taste.

Pique polos are more expensive than jersey ones but are also more durable and comfortable. Their texture is thicker than jerseys, which makes them feel more substantial on your skin and less likely to get wrinkled when you wear them multiple times in a row. They also tend to have fewer seams than jersey tees, which makes them less prone to chafing or irritation if you wear them tight against your body (e.g., under a backpack strap).

When deciding between a jersey polo or a piqué polo, you must ask yourself if you value style or comfort. The jersey polo is a good choice if you want something that looks decent but doesn’t feel restrictive. If you want something that feels good on your skin but might not be the most flattering in terms of style, go with the piqué polo.