How Easy is it to Sell Your Clothes Online?

Could your wardrobe use a clear out? One of the easiest ways to de-clutter your wardrobe is to sell some of your old clothes online

There are lots of places you can sell your old clothes online, and one of the main benefits of doing so is the number of potential customers you can reach. If you’re not sure where to start, below you’ll discover exactly how easy it is to sell your clothes online.

What selling options do you have?

There are a number of options you have when it comes to selling your clothes online. eBay tends to be one of the most popular options. Allowing you to list all of your items in one go, the online auction site gives you the opportunity to make a lot of extra cash from your old clothes. It’s one of the easiest options too given that online payment platforms and delivery companies have partnered with the online giant to offer a convenient and flawless service.

eBay isn’t your only option for selling your clothes online. If you create personalised or vintage clothing, you can sell it on sites such as Etsy. Social media selling pages are also worth considering, and free online classifieds are yet another option open to you.

Finding the right delivery company

Once you’ve chosen your preferred selling method, the next thing you need to focus on is the delivery company you’re going to use. Even if you aren’t a professional seller, customers still expect to receive fast, high-quality delivery service.

There are a lot of delivery companies out there, so it’s important to take your time to compare them. Look for companies which offer advanced services, such as parcel tracking. To speed up your decision, you can use a company such as, to compare the best delivery companies which match your needs. 

Great tips for selling clothing online

As well as ensuring you choose the best delivery service, there are a few other things to keep in mind when you’re selling your clothes online.

Firstly, the photos of the clothing are the most important selling point. Ideally, the photos should feature plenty of natural lighting, and it’s best to take them with somebody wearing the clothing. This gives the seller the best representation of how the clothes will look. 

You’ll also need to keep a good reputation, which means shipping the clothes quickly, answering any questions or complaints quickly and resolving any issues which may crop up in a professional manner. 

Overall, there are lots of places you can sell your clothes online. It’s simply a matter of taking some good photos, listing them and then shipping them when they are sold. It really couldn’t be easier and you could make a lot of additional cash.