5 Books About Fashion You May Find Interesting to Read

The world has not considered fashion to be the most intellectual field. However, fashionistas have saved time to write some groundbreaking books to guide the industry. The books capture a crucial philosophy about the industry that goes beyond shopping sprees, runways, and pretty dresses. Looking for a professional to write my custom essay online? Hire the best essay helpers online to assist you to draft the best fashion essay.

Fashion books cover some of the most interesting topics including the rise to fame for some of the major industry players, the environmentally friendly fashion industry, and the art of haute couture, among other elements. Here are the top 5 books that will change the way you look at the fashion industry.

  1. The Little Dictionary of Fashion

It feels like the encyclopedia of the fashion industry. It was written more than 5 decades ago but holds so much truth today as it did then. The author is a celebrated fashion designer named Christian Dior. By all standards, his insights are worth reading since they have helped him to build an empire in the fashion industry.

Christian Dior shares basic principles on how to handle fashion in different situations. For instance, he advises readers on what to wear during weddings, how to walk with grace, and even what to pack when traveling. He creates an enviable life around the Dior brand, giving you a philosophy by which to live if you are a fashion enthusiast.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion appeals to designers and ordinary men alike. For instance, the designer will know what to consider when preparing a dress for his client. As a client, you will know how to look stylish in some of the collections that you might never have imagined wearing. The book will awaken new ideas about fashion, helping you to look at the industry differently.

2. Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon

Megan Hass says that a fashion icon like Coco Chanel deserves a title that draws a portrait in a way that many people have never seen. Megan does exactly that in the book. She presents a figure that many people do not know and cannot even begin to imagine about one of the most recognizable fashion figures.

According to Megan Hass, the best way to chronicle the life of a fashion icon is to look at some of the most defining moments in her life. She picks 100 moments that stood out.

Megan Hass takes a unique approach by illustrating the moments through sketch drawings. As a woman, she is best positioned to demonstrate the life of another woman in the limelight. She, therefore, tells her story through illustrations from a perspective that no man can capture. She uses unique historic anecdotes, chick black, as well as white black to illustrate these moments. The sketches help you to make more sense of the fashion industry and the people shaping it.

3. D.V.

Diana Vreeland provides an example of vicarious living. The book walks you through the life of people that you might never have thought operated in the normal realm. Vreeland was one time the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.

The autobiography takes you through the life of global superstars and how they interacted with fashion. You will trot the globe for adventure to meet the Queen of England, presidents, and brand icons. All the stories are told from a first-person perspective. How else can you tell the story of fashion if not from the mouth of one of the most successful editors of the leading industry magazine? It will change your perspective of the fashion industry.

4. Kate Spade New York: All in Good Taste

No one can advise you about tasteful living better than Kate Spade. All in Good Taste serves you the best ideas on how to dress and live a luxurious life. If you have the money, Kate will show you how to make it work for you until your life feels tasty. If you are still looking for money, Kate demonstrates how you can still create beautiful memories with the little available. Hire professional helpers from the best writing websites and enjoy a beautiful college experience free of assignment stress.

Kate gets personal about the tips. She shares personal experiences and loops in ideas from other icons in the industry, enriching the message carried in the book. You will learn how to use individuality to make a huge fashion statement. Check the book and understand why it was a New York Best Seller upon release.

5. The Rihanna

Every icon has a unique sense of style. It can be seen from childhood. Rihanna immortalizes her fashion life in 504 colored pages capturing some of her most iconic tours and moments in pop culture. You will understand the philosophy of pop culture and how it influences the world of fashion. The book is authored by Rihanna.

The fashion industry has a lot to share with the world. It is more than fancy dressing and runways. These books demonstrate underlying philosophies that many people never see when models take on the runway.