5 Great Home Renovation Ideas For 2023

We are well into 2023, and so far a few trends have already started to form. However, when it comes to trends you need to think about the future. Just because pole dancing is a popular hobby doesn’t mean you should strip apart your living room to make sure your pole has enough space.

Instead, we have gathered 5 great home renovation ideas that won’t feel cringe after a year and will instead add value and personality to your home.

Energy Saving Changes

We all know about the basic energy-saving techniques – energy-efficient LED light bulbs, double-glazed windows, automatic heating, etc. However, we don’t want to discuss the basics. 

For a great renovation design, you can add solar panels to your roofs, or use recycled water in your bathrooms. These ideas will reduce your monthly bills, help you save resources, and will increase the value of your home.

Some solar panel companies will install the devices for free, allowing you to use the energy you collect without a cost. The catch? Any energy you don’t use will go toward their customers. You act as a free energy collector for them. 

You can even pay off the deal when you’re ready and then sell any excess energy back to the suppliers.

For recycled water, you can install a water system that collects rainwater and uses it to flush your toilets or power your water hose. These areas of your home don’t require drinkable water, so you don’t need to worry about purifying.

DIY Beauty Features

Along with energy-saving changes, you can also create decorative pieces using recycled fabrics, materials, or artwork. Recent trends show thousands of people going to thrift stores or finding old loved furniture and turning the scraps into something beautiful.

Broken plates into mosaic art, upcycling broken furniture, or using old scrap wood to create geometric pieces.

If you don’t like the idea of using old and used items, you can still create beautiful features using store-bought materials instead. For example, with Terrazzo Tiles you can add the artwork to your walls by creating imaginative geometric patterns, bordered by a wooden frame.

It will look beautiful and unique in your modern aesthetic home.

Additional Greenery

Since the pandemic, people have realized something about their homes. They need to be as naturally beautiful and scenic as their favorite places in life. If you love to walk in the woods, stroll through a park or enjoy the natural colors of the world, then you need to consider plants in your home.

Hanging plants aren’t just a beautiful addition to a garden, they can be gorgeous artworks for your home too. Plant evergreens into potts and dot them around your home. 

Ideally, you should consider the shapes and colors you are about to create. A short spiked plant should be paired with a tall round tree. Dangling vines should hang near bright pops of short flowers.

Paint out a design of your color schemes and plant layouts, and then recreate that image with flowers from your local garden center.

Spa Style Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often overlooked. They are seen as functional rooms in your home, and nothing more than a stopping point. Well, discard that thought and consider the spa possibilities. Change your walls into a calming color or a wooden design. Replace your sink with a rounding, elegant, almost natural stone basin. And ensure the tops are clear, apart from the towels you may require.

Creating a spa style will make your bathroom feel elegant, and calming adding more dimensions and balance to your home

Smart Home Technology

Your blinds pull up as soon as morning breaks. Your coffee starts brewing just as you wake up. Your lights come on just as darkness falls.

You can make your home life more luxurious if you allow smart technology into your home. By streamlining your home life, you make your day more efficient by allowing technology to handle the simple things.

Allowing in natural light can keep your home feeling warm and refreshing. Allowing your lights to come on for set times can make it seem like someone is home even when they aren’t.

Smart technology can make your life easier, while also making you feel secure.


These renovation ideas are designed to inspire you. Give you ideas of what you can do with your home, and how to keep your aesthetic looking fresh and new. Consider how these design ideas could work in your home.