The 5 Interior Designing Trends That Will Shape 2023

“Design with style” is the designing mantra for the year 2023 by the world’s best interior designers. Interior design has shaped the beauty of modern homes, adding a personalized touch to your space. Greek artists from the classical period invented aesthetics as a word to describe beauty and harmony. Aesthetics was then introduced in architecture, and architects started incorporating looks in homes, often giving a distinctive look to the homes they built. 

Homes and aesthetics merged so well that a dedicated stream of study of interior design got introduced to the world. Designers ensure their client’s spaces are functional, unique and elegant. Aesthetics involves the process of personal analysis, perception and imagination. Interior design trends keep evolving every year. “Mindful spaces and smart homes” became the essential elements post-Covid and the designing trend that ruled the year 2022. Each year trends come in cycles and cater to the homeowners’ new style and design needs. 

With 2023 on the way, it’s time to look at the interior design trends that will shape the way spaces will be designed in the future. Here are five hot trends to keep in mind if you plan to design your home very soon.

The 2023 Colors

Gray was the mainstream shade that ruled the color palette for homes in 2022. The gray color seems to be going nowhere soon, and 2023 will see a combination of gray and beige with subdued red undertones as the newly emerging style. Another announced Color of the Year 2023 is a shade with soft, earthy pinks and tones. In recent years, we have seen people being drawn to earthy and nature-inspired colors. Earthy will continue to dominate the designing shade card. Another color we will see making a statement is the glamorous Blank Canvas. This chic color is a creamy shade of white that can be mixed and matched with almost anything. Paint a blank canvas on your bedroom wall to boost calmness in the surroundings. 

Instagrammable Designing

Instagram has taken the world by storm. So much so that every big design brand is taking it seriously. People now want to live in homes that are Insta-worthy and boast their home’s bold and brilliant designs. Additionally, the backdrop wall will continue to remain in focus. Having one great statement wall for video conversations, shooting vlogs, or creating stuff for the internet is a trend in interior design that will remain for many years. A particular table worth the bling statement for 2023 is the majestic Colosseum console table inspired by the Roman Colosseum. Keep this stylish Anima Domus console table crafted in red lacquer in the hallway and bring a touch of Italy’s most enduring symbols into your interior design. Create your Insta Oomph!

The 2023 Material

Cork, an affordable insulating fabric, has returned with a more elegant look. Terracotta is back, and you will observe being used in spaces increasingly. 


Cocooning has been gaining momentum in home decor trends and is expected to rise quickly in 2023. You will see more cuddly materials and soft couch styles in the homes of 2023.

Customers’ preferences have changed for a while; they are now seeking more “homey” comfortable chairs. These include large cuddly cushions and rounded, smooth edges so they can also relax on the chairs for a while. 

Functional Spaces

Designers are increasingly creating places that meet utilitarian goals. A space can be made more functional by adding movable partitions, built-in storage areas, foldable furniture, custom upholstery and more. Other trendy, functional ideas include-

  • Slide-out drawers
  • Collapsible drawing racks
  • Mount mini bins
  • Closet Organizer

These were the key points to incorporate into your 2023 home. Make your home look trendy and stylish with what’s new in the market.