5 Hot Hairstyle Trends that You Need to Know

This year has brought hair back. Banished from the salon for far too long in lockdown, normal service has now resumed. 

Hairstylists have been over-whelmed in the last few months. Our social lives have returned and there are places to go again. Now we can talk about our next holiday in the salon too because there is one. 

Here are the five hottest hairstyles to help you get back into the swing of things. If you are looking for a fresh look this year, it’s somewhere in here. Let’s get going, and kick things off with a bang. 

Curtain Bangs 

Look out for curtain bangs this year, as this is going to be a fashionable look. Growing out your fringe is simple enough to do but can have a big effect. 

Fringes are set to make a comeback. Having a curtained fringe that is shorter in the middle but long at the sides frames the face. This style is great for the low makeup with natural skin, and pairs perfectly with summer dresses. 

It comes with versatility too. Give your fringe some extra length at the sides and you get a 70s layered front look. You can leave it natural for a carefree evening outdoors, or style it up with curls for a night on the town. From farm girl to Farrah Fawcett, this cut can do it all. 

The Boy Bob 

Bob cuts are never truly out of fashion. Through the years the bob has taken on distinctive styles, but the cut itself is a classic. The Bob cut for this year is the Boy Bob

No need to worry, this is not a boy’s haircut. It takes its name from its natural and untreated state, with a ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ kind of look. For the length of the bob, anything between the chin line and your collarbone is right. 

To give your hair the right texture, avoid using styling products. You do have to put some work in to maintain the look and keep the hair under control. Prepare to brush your hair a lot. When the work is done you are good all day and it becomes low maintenance. 

Long Layered Locks 

There is something in the air that smells like teen spirit. The 90s are making a cultural comeback and hairstyles are falling in line. It is the return of ‘the Rachel’ cut. 

Long layered hair seems like it is everywhere already. You see it on a night out and at parties. The trick here is to have plenty of long hair to play with so you can get a layered cut. Hair extensions can help you get natural long hair quickly. 

You can transform your hair with extension experts like the Taylor Rose Hair Salon. They use a micro ring hair extension system to add volume and length using 100% human hair. You can get any long hair look want without having to wait for it to grow. 

The Close Crop 

Fortune favours the brave, they say. Are you feeling brave enough for a close crop hairstyle? This is a great summer cut because it helps keep you cool. If you can pull it off, you look cool too. 

Short hair crops, like a pixie cut, are becoming a sign of a girl boss. Success and power seem to come easily to those that go for a shorter hairstyle. The closer the shave, the better it gets too. 

Barbershop clippers are finding their way into the salons this year. The most popular cut is Long on the top but tapered at the sides at one buzz-cut length. This is a sight you are going to see more often. 

Make sure you have a long consultation with your stylist to make sure it will work for you first though. If things go wrong, it will grow back.

The au-Naturale 

This style is simple, fuss-free, and costs nothing. Take what you have and let it be. Embrace your hair’s natural style and accentuate all its positives. You can leave the curling tongs and straighteners behind. This is rehab for your hair. 

Give your hair and scalp some time off from colourings or heat stylings. Stick to shampoo, even conditioner can go if you are brave enough. Brush it, comb it, and use scrunchies, clips, or pins; whatever you need to control it. 

Going ‘au-Naturale’ is an opportunity to reconnect with your hair. You can reconnect with some old-school tricks too. Ponytails, braids, bunches, anything to get the right look whatever the occasion. That is the biggest benefit here, your natural style is your most versatile style. 

These are some great looks to choose from, but you must listen to your stylist and take on board their advice. They know hair better than any of us and have a better idea of what is going to look good or cause you a week of bad hair days. Work with them to get the right hairdo for you.