5 Things That Can Get Your Passport Photo Rejected

A passport is essential as it allows you to travel to every place you want around the world. During the application process, there are usually many forms that you are needed to fill. Also, there are some requirements that you should strictly adhere to failure to which your passport application can be rejected. One thing that can make your passport photo to be rejected is if it has significant and unacceptable issues. In this article, we look at five primary reasons that can make your passport photo to be rejected. Therefore, read on to find out.

1. Your Face Shows A Lot of Emotions

Taking normal photos mostly needs you to smile big to make your picture look better and more memorable. When it comes to an online passport photo, you should make sure that your face is entirely neutral. So, it would be best if you kept your face facing forward, making sure that the lips remain pressed together. If you pose for the passport photo in any way, then it will be rejected.

2. The Background Is Not Neutral

Passport booths are mostly the best places to take your passport photos. However, you can also take these photos at your home and use high-quality online passport photo creator to make it look professional always remember that the same rules apply. Therefore, you have to ensure that the background you take your passport photos on have a pale colour to help make them appear more neutral. Not doing so makes your picture appear either too bright or too dull hence increasing the chances of your passport photo being rejected.

3. You Have Accessories On

Wearing a hat or hair clip might help to pull your hair together if it’s extra-long, but it might not be acceptable when it comes to passport photos. So, accessories are not allowed even if they are reading glasses as they can make the camera flashback hence covering your eyes which can cause your photos to be rejected.

4. The Passport Photos Have Some Touch-Ups

Using filters can help to make your passport look better. However, if filters are noticed on your passport photos, then they might be rejected. Using photoshop can also make your passport photos to be rejected.

5. Distance and Size

The distance between you and the camera matters a lot when it comes to passport photos. Your passport photos need the head to be around 25-35mm within a frame of 2 X 2-inch. There are many online tools that you can use to make sure your passport photo is of the required size. Having a passport photo that is less than the needed capacity, will lead to a rejection hence making it vital to take your time to get a proper tool that will offer specific cropping and photo templates for British documents. That way, you save a lot of money that you could have used if someone else would have done it for you.

As you can see, different reasons can make your passport photo to be rejected. So, always remember to avoid the above errors to increase the chances of getting your passport photo approved.