5 Types of RV Gears and Their Benefits

It always feels good to go outdoors once in a while, especially when you have an RV. Whether it’s weekend camping or full-time RVing, you must have specific equipment and utilities in your RV. Whether it’s canoeing or RV generators, Oudoorlifecafe has the best buying guides that you can refer to. This list contains five essential RV gear every RV owner must have.

  1. EMS in RV Surge Protector

The RV surge protectors’ in the electrical management system (EMS) helps protect the electrical system from over and under voltage by automatically shutting off the power. Although RV surge protectors are expensive, they are worth their price.

EMS actively indicates any issues with the electrical circuit of your RV and protects it when you are not around. If you are out and the circuit experiences a power surge, it will protect the system from getting fried.

  1. Chocks and Leveling Blocks

If you plan to park your RV outdoors other than any campground or parks, you might have to deal with uneven grounds. Whether you have a pop-up trailer, camper trailer, motorhome, or a 5th wheel, it’s always good to have something to help you achieve the level while parking.

When even the most level grounds aren’t enough, there comes the chocks and leveling blocks to the rescue. The wheel chocks help to block the movement of the tires and secure them in one place. The leveling blocks are perfect for sliding under your tires to achieve the level ground that you need.

  1. RV Generator

A reliable power supply is essential to fully enjoy the features that your RV has to offer. When out there camping, you need a power source to power your different electrical appliances. As your RV battery isn’t enough to power all that, you need a powerful generator.

Make sure the generator you buy has the necessary power ratings. Many latest RV generators come with numerous ports like AC and DC ports to attach different electrical appliances. Some top generators provide USB ports too. It’s essential to pay special attention to the weight and size of the generator as you don’t want a heavy, massive generator to occupy the precious space in your RV. You can refer to generator buying guides from Outdoorlifecafe to choose the best generator according to your needs.

  1. RV GPS

RV GPS can be your best companion when it comes to navigating your RV through towns, mountains, and slopes. RV GPS can be an excellent utility for someone who is still getting used to driving the RV. Your input suggests the best routes, such as your RV’s length, height, and towing. It also helps avoid low bridges, tight corners, and areas where your RV may not pass.

Thankfully, some of the best used tiffin motorhomes for sale come with an in-built RV GPS. RV GPS devices can also provide real-time traffic updates to help you avoid heavy traffic routes and reach your destination quickly. Some advanced features include campground information, nearest gas stations, and weather updates.

  1. RV Water Filter

Many campgrounds do not provide filtered water and you don’t want to drink that water when camping. Although many RVs come with an in-built water filter, buying an RV water filter for extra care is a good idea.

Many RV owners swear by these tools and equipment and recommend having them in your RV. These pieces of equipment will ensure you have a smooth camping experience without any troubles.