6 Awesome Gifts for Travelers That They’ll Actually Use

Everyone knows an always-traveling, free-spirited, adventurous friend. Those sorts of people always have the itch to keep moving, keep seeing the world, and keep exploring. And, why not? Traveling is one of the great joys of being human and living on this vast planet. 

With travel, you – or your friend – can see parts of the world you never knew existed, never thought possible, and potentially learn something new at every stop. Traveling isn’t just about running away somewhere; it’s about finding amazing new experiences around every corner.

But, what kind of gifts can you buy for those travelers amongst us? What do they actually want and what do they really need? Buying gifts for jet-setters can be really difficult! Below, you will find 6 awesome gifts for travelers that they will use. With any luck, the perfect gift for your traveling companion will be right here.

Compression Socks

This may not sound particularly exciting, but it could easily be one of the most important and useful gifts you ever buy a traveler. You may have noticed that compression socks in Australia have become more and more popular. This is partly due to the long flight time from Aus to just about anywhere else! They are needed.

Compression stockings help keep blood flow circulating around your extremities when sitting still for a long period. When traveling, despite the distance traveled, there are prolonged periods of sitting on planes, trains, and in other vehicles. These compression stockings can literally help to save the life of a long-distance traveler, as they help to prevent serious conditions like deep vein thrombosis. 

Bluetooth Headphones

As mentioned, traveling involves long periods of, well, traveling! This can mean super long journeys on planes or sit in the back of a bus. What better to keep your traveling friend company than some great music or podcasts?

Bluetooth headphones are the perfect travel companion. Small, lightweight, and easy to pack in a carry-on, with long battery life. For those journeys where you just need to switch off or catch some alone time, there’s nothing quite like a great pair of headphones. 

Airplane Wash Kit

When traveling on flights, there are various rules surrounding what can and cannot be carried on. Liquids, in particular, have very stringent rules affecting them. This can make it extremely hard to wash on a flight – not ideal after many hours in the air!

For this reason, an airplane wash kit is an awesome gift for a traveler. All the necessary liquids will be in appropriately-sized bottles and in a clear bag, making them safe for travel. This could really save the day after a long snooze on an international flight!

Pocket Tools

If your traveling buddy is of the adventurous sort, a set of travel pocket tools could come in super handy. Think knives, clips, can openers, and more, all attached to one simple pocket-sized tool. So, whether your pal finds themselves at the top of a mountain ready to climb down or on a beach desperate to open a bottle of beer, they will have everything they need in their pocket!

Travel Pillow

This article has repeatedly mentioned the trials and tribulations of taking long-haul flights. Traveling is epic, there are no two ways about it! But, being stuck on an economy flight for many, many hours can still be super uncomfortable and tiring, even if the result is an awesome destination.

Sleeping on a plane can be a tough task. Often, it leads to neck pain and uncomfortable joints. This is where a well-designed travel pillow can come in handy. They are designed ergonomically with both the plane seat and the traveler’s body in mind. What better gift than the gift of super comfortable sleep on a long journey? Your friend will arrive at their destination well-rested and ready to see the world.

Slick Luggage

Finally, travel means packing your bags and jetting off somewhere new. This means carrying or wheeling around all your belongings for long periods of time. On top of this, airlines have rules about the size, shape, and weight of luggage. Buying your travel buddy some super-slick, ergonomic, comfortable luggage could be a real game-changer. There are plenty of brands out there designing luggage to make long travel days far easier and more enjoyable.

These gifts will certainly be both useful and enjoyable when used by your traveling friend. Get online and look for retailers selling some of these products, look at reviews, then make a few purchases. Your friend will be grateful for your gifts no matter how far away they are.