6 First Time Flying Packing Tips to Help you Prepare

Are you planning to fly for the first time? Or having a flight to your destination after a long time? You must be excited about the journey! But, wait. Have you packed your luggage properly according to the airport requirements? If not, you may miss your flight.

First, flyers are supposed to keep a long list of factors in mind while packing for their flight. A slight imbalance in the luggage weight can make them suffer a lot. That is why it is suggested to keep a keen interest in knowing the tips for the first flight.

We have compiled some first-time flight packing tips in the section below. Let’s get started!

1. Check the Luggage Requirements

One of the first things you need to take care of while packing for a first-time flight is to check the airline’s luggage requirement. Every airline comes with different luggage requirements. Some allow their passengers to carry bulk weights while others don’t.

So, make sure to look forward to knowing what exact standards your airline has set for all passengers.

2. Measure the Weight

Another thing to keep in mind while trying to pack your luggage for the first flight is to check the overall weight of your luggage. You don’t have to stuff the material in your luggage. So, you may wonder about how to measure the luggage. For doing so, you can have a measuring scale.

This measuring scale helps the passengers to get an exact idea about the weight of their luggage.

3. Only Carry Essentials

There is no point in carrying unnecessary stuff with you when you plan to fly for the first time. Make sure to gather only the necessary stuff. The addition of excess clothes or shoes can increase the weight of your luggage. This can cause great trouble for you while you are boarding the flight.

In addition to this, you can also get an idea about the essentials by knowing your destination. Keep things according to your travel duration.

4. Wear Heavy Items

If you keep some heavy yet sensitive stuff in your luggage, it may damage the devices. Thus, the most important tip is to wear heavy luggage. You can fill your backpack by filling it up with heavy items.

Other than this, you can also purchase a small suitcase that can keep your essential heavy items.

5. Roll Your Clothes

If you are wondering about saving up luggage space while keeping your clothes, the best way is to roll them over. You can create a substantial room in your luggage by arranging or rolling the stuff you have to wear later.

6. Get Ready to Pay for Extra Luggage

If it’s your first flight, we are sure that you may not be aware of the fees for the extra luggage. Many first-time flyers often get offended when asked to pay for extra luggage. So, make sure to keep some money for paying the fees if you have overweight luggage.


The first time flying can be tiring. But, by following the above tips, you can make this process easy. So, make sure to read each tip and implement it in your life.