6 Good Reasons That Will Convince You To Invest In A Water Softener For Your Home

If you are thinking if it really pays to get a water softener, then think no further. You NEED it and I am going to show you why. But, first off, you should know that a water softener is not really needed where water hardness is low enough.

How do you then know if your water is hard or soft?

Hard water has high amounts of calcium and magnesium ions present in it. This makes the water pH level drop below 7 for instance turning into a more acidic solution and making it difficult to function well as a universal solvent. This new state of the water comes with its drawbacks some of which include gradual dilapidation of the internal heating and plumbing systems of the home, non-effectiveness of the cleaning agents as well as skin attacks.

To limit the caustic effects of hard water on home appliances, food, drinks, cars, and on the human body, water softeners must therefore be installed.

Water softeners convert the hard water back to soft water which ultimately helps in making considerable savings on the repair of household works and devices as well as savings on medical bills.

To see more reasons why you need a water softener in your home, take a look at these six points:

Reduced Expenses On Cleaning Agents and Products

Since hard water contains magnesium and calcium ions, it becomes very difficult for cleaning agents to form lather. Water softeners are very useful and as stated at BestWaterSoftenerSystem.com, they automatically correct the lather killing property in the hard water. Remember, that lather is an important product obtained from the combination of water and cleaning agents which facilitates the cleaning process of an object whether it’s a human body object, car, laundry, or dish.

The water softener removes the chemical impurities in the hard water which otherwise would have required the use of more soap or detergents to perform any form of cleaning.

When you use water softeners, you will need fewer cleaning agents for even more clean washing. It’s just irreplaceable.

Relief From Skin Conditions

When you use hard water for body washing, there will be an inevitable demand for excessive use of soap or other washing agents whose effects on the skin are generally problematic.

Another scare is that hard water results in the formation of a new treacherous compound called scum. It is a product of soap and the calcium contents in the hard water and can be lethal to the skin especially when it comes in contact with an underlying skin condition like eczema.

It can also stay on clothes and gradually translate to the skin upon wearing causing a plethora of problems.

The water softener when applied to the hard water, transforms it and lessens the abrasion on the clothes, and keeps your skin happy.

Improved Efficiency Of Water Heater

Large amounts of scum and scale caused by a proliferation of hard water particles will see the timely destruction of your home heating system. The scum often leads to blockages which damage the boiler while the scale adds an extra unwanted layer of insulation that reduces heat transfer to the water and ultimately reduces the boiler efficiency and performance.

Without changing the faulty systems, apply your water softener in the hard waters consumed by them and they will gradually dissolve the scales and scums and return the efficiency of your machine.

Reduced Cleaning Time

When you use hard water, the amount of energy required for washing increases by more than half. In the same way, the time of wash increases by almost double if you want the same clean effect.

To save yourself the extra energy and use the normal time of wash, add water softeners into your water system. This will increase the ease of dirt removal and make your rinsing faster and easier with no unwanted residue.

Newer Look Of Laundry And Utensils

It is often noticeable when washing is done with hard water: clothes become dull and look weathered.  Whitened clothing gradually turns grey and colored ones look faded.

Similarly, dishes and chinaware lose their brightness.

However, soft water created by your water softener solution keeps the original look of your clothing and utensils and lengthens their durability and overall use.

It’s Better For Cooking And Making Drinks

While the mineral content of hard water makes it much desirable for drinking purposes, making drinks like tea or lemonades with it is simply not wholesome.

Soft water is better here. This is because it acts as a better solvent to the solutes contained in the tea or lemonade ingredients, unlike hard water. Also, cooking spices using soft water brings out the flavors and aromas and enhances the cooking.

Choose quality and effective water softener. The benefits are exhaustive. You definitely won’t regret your investment.