6 Good Ways To Honor The Memory Of Someone Who Has Passed

A death in the family is always difficult for those left behind. Luckily, there are many ways to honor the memory of someone who has passed with a simple and meaningful gesture. It’s very common to feel lost when someone you love passes, and it can take a while for you to adjust. Because of that, we’ve given some ideas here on ways you can honor their memory as your life continues.

Here are six ways to honor the memory of someone who has passed:

1. Fulfil Their Wishes

One of the most common things people ask after a loved one passes is, “What was their last wish?”. If you know what that wish was, then do your best to honor it. If there’s information that they desire to be set out in their will, make sure their wishes are fulfilled as much as possible. Maybe they wished to be cremated. There are wood cremation urns with good wooden designs available. Also, they could have wished to be buried in their old hometown. You can also ask someone close to them if they have any idea of the wish, so you know where best to honor it. If you don’t know, try not to worry about it too much.

2. Keep Their Memory Alive By Sharing Your Memories

Your loved one was an integral part of your life, so why not share stories about them at special family gatherings? These memories will help you remember your loved one each time you recall the tales. You could tell these stories at a memorial service or even just around the dinner table! Either way, everyone just has a chance to hear these stories and remember their loved ones. You can also post about it online for others who may have enjoyed that person too. The more people know about them, the better they’re honored.

3. Plant A Tree Or Grow A Flower Garden

If you choose to keep to ashes, consider planting a tree or growing a flower garden. This is one of the most popular ways to honor your loved ones. They can live on in both memories and nature as you plant their remains. If you’re burying an urn at home, you can click here if you need help on how to display an urn in your home.​​​​​​​ You could also do this if no one else lives with you for those who may want to visit the site regularly, again bringing back happy memories each time they go there. Planning beautiful gardens full of flowers will help bring love and beauty to your life again, especially a remembrance rose. It’s something special that allows compassion for yourself and others around you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help in planting and caring for the garden. Check out some invaluable advice on spreading ashes here.

4. Keep Them Close By Focusing On Your New Life

Some people choose not to keep objects that belong to their loved ones with them daily because of the memories they will bring. Instead, they choose to focus on creating new life and moving forward. This is healthy for those grieving, so don’t be afraid of focusing on your new life after losing someone you love. You can create something special in their name such as the purpose of cremation jewelry or something that will help others as well. You need to use these new skills and talents to benefit others and lead a meaningful and happy life.

5. Donate To A Charitable Organization Their Name

Your loved one was close to many people during their lifetime. So why not let their name live on through others? Some charitable organizations will accept donations in honor of deceased members’ lives; these gifts can help provide services for those who need them most. For example, the Salvation Army offers funeral costs and other expenses to families who have lost someone special.

6. Do Something New That They Always Wanted To Do

It’s also very touching to honor the memory of someone who has passed on by doing something new that they always wanted to do! This way, you are following their dreams in your little way, and it is likely to bring you joy too, which is so important, especially when someone dear has left us. You might have often noticed people leaving certain things behind after they pass on, so here are some examples of what could be found in an urn or coffin that can help connect with them or leave it at their final resting place for peace of mind : 

  • Family Pictures Or Memorabilia
  • Favorite Items Such As Mugs, Keys, Pictures, etc.
  • Personal Belongings And Possessions That Have Meaning For You

Imagine how powerful it would be to touch someone’s life by honoring their memory or doing something in their name! They’re always with us, even when we feel like they’re not, and it feels wonderful to know that we can honor them in a way that brings happiness to everyone around us.