A Night at… Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle

Return to the golden age of unapologetic opulence, elegance and nobility with a magical stay at Airelles Château de Versailles. 

Château de Versailles is the best example of 17th century French architecture. This icon of French history was once the home of the Courts of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI but is now one of the most mesmerising attractions in the world. Over 10 million visitors flock to Versailles each year to immerse themselves in its beauty but Airelles Château de Versailles offers an exclusive experience like no other.

Situated at the heart of Versailles Palace is Le Grand Contrôle, a majestic former private home built by Louis XIV’s favourite architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Framed by the magnificently verdant gardens, Le Grand Contrôle offers complete privacy and the most unforgettable views of the palace and gardens.

As ornate as a wedding cake, Le Grand Contrôle has been lovingly restored with the utmost respect to the original building. There are 11 stunning rooms and 2 signature suites, the jewel in its crown is the opulent Necker Suite. It was once the private apartment of Jacques Necker, the finance minister and statesman who was a significant figure in the French Revolution and served under Louis XVI as one of the most popular ministers of the era.

The suite is now the cherry on the cake at Le Grand Contrôle, a romantic powder pink-hued masterpiece that celebrates the 18th century in all its splendour. Designed perfectly for two, it has soaring 4-metre high ceilings and Versailles parquet flooring throughout. There is also a magnificent four-poster bed and an opulent separate sitting room with towers of pastel macaron, Marie Antoinette would certainly approve.

The bathroom is flooded with natural light from the vast windows. There is a freestanding bathtub of dreams where you can take a leisurely soak overlooking the Orangery Garden and the palace. In the mornings, you can request a special wake-up call like the nobles would enjoy. It includes your bath run and decorated with pink fresh roses, a glass of almond milk and the air scented so you can start your day with perfection.

Expect to be seduced by the grandeur of Le Grand Contrôle but you will fall head over heels for the exclusive private tours of Château de Versailles in the evening and Domaine de Trianon in the morning which are available to guests. 

An experience of a lifetime, nothing can prepare you for the magnificent Hall of Mirrors after dark where there is not another soul in sight. Explore the hidden treasures of the royal era with a private guide who will reveal previously unseen spaces.

You can also wander in the Sun King’s magical 800-hectare gardens in peace either on foot or in one of the golf buggies.

At the heart of Airelles Château de Versailles is a decadent dining experience designed by Alain Du Casse which offers eye watering culinary feasts fit for a king or queen. This unique Michelin-star experience offers a glorious 18th century feast which unfolds in several acts, punctuated with adventures and surprises to thrill all your senses.

Steeped in history and the glory of nobility, Airelles Château de Versailles is one of the most magical experiences in the world. Become like royalty, if only for the night.



12 Rue de l’Indépendance Américaine, 78000 Versailles, France