A Revolutionary Interactive System for Restoring Forgotten Narratives

In a groundbreaking project, acclaimed graphic designer Fengyi Liu introduces Arkive, an innovative installation designed to preserve historical stories that have gradually faded away with the passage of time. Liu’s inspiration for Arkive stemmed from his successful endeavors in resurrecting various artworks through advanced 3D reconstruction techniques. Motivated by this remarkable experience, he embarked on a quest to create a digital ecosystem where individuals could edit, store, and celebrate their cherished memories. This project was London Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner and Muse Creative Awards 2023 Gold Winner. It features the poignant and immersive exploration of the narrative of Chavez Ravine, a once-vibrant Latino neighborhood supplanted by Dodger Stadium. This innovative exhibition provides a window into the lives of the people who once inhabited the area, thoughtfully combining historical materials, photography, and audio to forge a multi-sensory connection between past and present.

Liu firmly believes that memories are the lifeblood of human existence, as they are what truly bring people alive. With this profound understanding, he aimed to develop a platform that honors the significance of these memories. Building upon a memory preservation prototype he had previously developed, Liu meticulously crafted Arkive as an interactive installation comprising two interfaces supported by wooden racks. Seamlessly connected to his computers, two projectors bring his meticulously curated content to life using the innovative software application, MadMapper.

A key component of Arkive is the incorporation of a distinctive knob-shaped sensor connected to an Arduino board, ingeniously housed within an antique radio structure. Liu’s ingenuity shines as he skillfully embedded the chip into the sensor after removing the radio’s internals. When viewers interact with the sensor by rotating it, they are transported into an immersive experience that showcases changes in the timeline, accompanied by captivating images and stories from different eras within the region.

Liu’s creative journey began with an insatiable curiosity for visual storytelling and a deep desire to express his thoughts through creative means. His formative years at the ArtCenter played a pivotal role in shaping his career, as he was inspired by knowledgeable instructors and motivated by his peers. This nurturing environment fostered collaboration and the exchange of revolutionary ideas.

The completion of Arkive marks a significant milestone for Fengyi Liu, as he brings to life a visionary project that captures the essence of historical memories in a tangible and interactive manner. This remarkable achievement not only showcases Liu’s exceptional artistic talent but also promises to contribute to the preservation and celebration of our collective heritage.

The Arkive installation is poised to captivate audiences at various art exhibitions and cultural events, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into the transformative power of preserving memories through innovative design. Fengyi Liu’s remarkable creation is sure to inspire individuals, reigniting their appreciation for the rich tapestry of human history.