The Poetry Corner: Black Girl Magic from The Sun Still Rises by Munna Abdelhady 

Black Girl Magic is taken from ‘The Sun Still Rises’, a beautiful collection of poetry by Munna Abdelhady. Growing up in Pennsylvania, being a woman of colour was unfamiliar but poetry gave Munna a voice when she felt like she didn’t have one.

Black girl magic

Her ignorant eyes would lead her to ignoring the obvious things

Things that would cause her to scream

A truth she would never want to believe

When she came of age

She questioned everything

Like how her mama’s hair laid clean

Or how her families skin did not bathe in coffee and cream

She looked to her siblings with envy wanting to fit in

Wanting to look like how all her family did

Questioning their skin

Why was their hair straight

She looked to her sister with a beehive rested on her head

A crown in disguise

Pretty caramel girl missed out on her daddy’s words

That even she too was a queen

She couldn’t see the beauty that brown could be

She would take her frustrations out on her hair

With a straightener and a collection of screams

Insecurities and years of fighting

Finally gave her peace

A thought she believed she would never reach

Until she aged to be

Brown beauty