A Tale of Erosantorini

A Tale of Erosantorini

With its iconic chalk-white houses scattered precariously across the hillsides like marbles, cobalt blue sea and fiery red sunsets, it comes as no surprise that over 2 million visitors are lured by Santorini’s devastating natural beauty each year.

Santorini has become a oasis for the elite with over half of Santorini’s visitors flying in on charters or private jets. It has also attracted Hollywood’s most famous faces, including Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio. There are over 800 hotels squeezed onto this tiny island but none come close to Erosantorini; this is a place like nowhere you have ever stayed before.

Erosantorini perfectly encapsulates the all the most illustrious elements of the finest luxury resort but presents them exclusively for a fortunate few. It has all the amenities of a five-star hotel but all the warmth and comfort of home. This private exclusive-use Estate makes you feel as though you are sitting on top of the world; it is perched on two glorious cliff-top acres, 1000 feet above the cool blue of the Aegean sea.

This decadent retreat hosts a maximum of 10 adults and 2 children, split across just 5 private suites.The secret is its intimacy, as it is so exclusive it enables service to be bespoke, seamless and exceptionally dedicated.

Erosantorini’s manager Lydia is a ray of sunshine and greets you with a beaming smile and even sings “good morning, good morning to you” as she sets down an iced-latte before you each day. She works alongside the charming Food and Beverage manager Takis who preempts your every need and treats you like family.

At the very heart of the resort is a spectacular pool terrace, with two vast sparkling azure infinity pools offering panoramic views of where the cobalt blue ocean meets the cloudless sky. The first pool is deep enough to swim properly in, a rarity in most hotels and the second pool is perfect for luxuriating on one of the floating daybeds with a book or relaxing on the swing.

Above you, dozens of white birds will soar silently, dancing gracefully against the backdrop of the cloudless powder blue sky. Then retire to the four-poster-bed lounger with a book for a seemingly endless afternoon under the sun. You will look up to discover that Takis has discreetly left a slice of warm lemon drizzle cake fresh from the oven and an ice-cold fresh peach juice on a table next to you. He will always greet you with his arms thrown open wide and a dazzling smile you just can’t help but return. He can also often be seen strolling around the estate, dressed in crisp white linens, leaving a cloud of Tom Ford White Patchouli in his wake.

There are no rules at Erosantorini; everything ebbs and flows like the azure waves below. At Erosantorini, everything is tailored to your needs; meals are served when you are hungry and suites are cleaned when you are out.

The suites are contemporary masterpieces, decorated in vivid white with bold accents such as mirrored headboards made from salvaged windows from French Chateaus, nods to the signature style of leading Italian designer Paola Navone.

The suites boast heated floors, floating fireplaces, Nespresso machines and the beds are dressed in crisp Frette linen. There are Smeg minibars loaded with complimentary Orange and Pink Grapefruit Soda’s, Bose Bluetooth speakers and fresh homemade cookies left by your pillow each night.

The bathroom is thoughtfully well-stocked with all of the products we tend to forget, such as toothpaste, sun cream, cotton buds and toothbrushes. There is a collection of full-size Korres Pure Greek Oil products, such as the Olive Blossom shower gel, Shine shampoo and conditioner. These products are inspired by the natural beauty regime of women in Crete and use world renown organic extra virgin olive oil. They are the perfect salvation for your hair and skin after a long day in the sun, you are even welcome to take them home with you.

At the back of each suite is a private walled garden with an outdoor shower, a plunge pool and luxurious seating area. At the front there is a four-poster daybed, a pair of beanbags and a private jacuzzi overlooking the infinity pools.

Gastronomy is at the heart of Erosantorini’s ethos of celebrating traditional Greek heritage and local cuisine; ingredients are sourced from the villa’s own organic kitchen garden, Santorini, neighbouring islands and if still unavailable then never further than Greece.

A Tale of Erosantorini

Breakfast is served either around a communal table overlooking the pool or in the privacy of the garden by your suite. It is a feast for the senses that would make Henry VIII’s eyes water, Takis reappearing time after time laying glorious goodies before you. There is Greek omelettes stuffed with salty feta and studded with glossy black olives, a platter of smoked local meats and Spanakopita, a delicious traditional Greek spinach pie. The star of the show is the Tiropita, a traditional golden cheese pie made with phyllo dough and served warm with a drizzle of local honey.

Next is fresh Greek yoghurt, jars of local honey infused with thyme and a platter of fresh fruit piled high with juicy cherries that stain your lips red, peaches, grapes and glistening strawberries. To finish there is a mound of golden Loukoumades, warm Greek honey soaked doughnuts and homemade carrot cake served with cool creme fraiche.

Dinner somehow manages to be a relaxed yet extravagant affair. Again, it is served at the communal table or by your suite. There are no menus or time restraints, just course after course of extraordinary cuisine.

There is homemade bread, fresh from the oven and served with local olive oil, succulent beef meatballs with creamy tzatziki and a fresh green salad with a serving of cheese from Crete and crowned with a dollop of homemade marmalade. For the main course there is Yemista, traditional Greek peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice. To finish, there is a decadent chocolate mousse dotted with berries and drizzled with a red wine sauce.

After dinner, lay on a daybed suspended between the sky and the sea and watch as the sun slowly sets, leaving a sky streaked with pinks, reds and oranges in its wake, so vivid that it looks as though it is on fire. Once the sky has turned to black velvet, you will notice that on a good night you can spot Jupiter, Mars and Mercury glowing bright against the darkness.

The Greeks have a word, Philotimo, a term that defies translation yet whole-heartedly captures a constellation of values that lie at the heart of Erosantorini. Philotimo is about taking pride in your family and home, it is about celebrating the art of generosity.

It is a word beyond definition, perfect for an experience that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Messaria, 84700, Santorini, Greece