A Weekend in: Ibiza

Cala Grancioneta

Surrounded by the crystalline Mediterranean water, and rustic back drops. Cala Grancioneta is at the peak of dining paradise. Enjoy mouthwatering meals overlooking the sunset in the distance in a pristine location which seems like something out of a fairy tale.

For starters opt for either the fried calamari in tartar sauce or the grilled black pork sobrasada sausage with manchego cheese and island honey. The perfectly fried calamari offers a combination of crunch and soft meat at the same time, complimented by the tartare sauce it creates a divine start to the meal. The sausage dish provides the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

As you continue the evening choose either the fillet steak with home made chips or the crispy free-range chicken with yellow chilli and garlic. Both dishes are absolutely spectacular. The fillet is seared to perfection, juicy and it creates a euphoric combination of flavours in every bite. The free range chicken is flawlessly prepared; the flavoursome dish provides an abundance of complexity.

As a choice of beverage, I recommend the summer punch house mojito. A burst of freshness from the peach and passion fruit that’s shaken with Absolut Vodka and finished with lemon juice and Cava. 

To conclude the evening, opt for the grilled pineapple with coconut ice cream or the raspberry sorbet cheesecake and Parmesan crumble. The pineapple dessert is a very refreshing way to end the night. The grilled pineapple oozes sweetness which is counterbalanced by the subtle creaminess of the coconut ice cream. For a richer option choose the cheesecake sorbet.


Bagatelle Ibiza

For the perfect lunch spot bagatelle ticks all the boxes.  An off-road pathway high above seas level provides the most exquisite view imaginable, overlooking the clear Mediterranean waters, this atmosphere compliments the perfect lunch like no other. You’re shaded from the warm sun, as you indulge in the meal to remember forever. This picturesque setting creates the perfect day as you watch the ships sailing across the horizon. 

To start your delightful experience opt for the Salad Bagatelle, made from hearts of lettuce, Parmesan, garden herbs and a Dijon mustard vinaigrette. This dish is a light and fresh way to start lunch. You could also opt for the Salade d’Endives de Gaston with blue cheese, mesclun, green apple, candied walnuts and pecans. To share opt for the Pâtes à la Langouste lobster pasta with Bagatelle secret sauce. The juicy lobster is full of flavour as it has been outstandingly seasoned and the pasta has been cooked faultlessly.  If you choose another option, it is strongly recommended to go for the La Pêche du Jour, the local fishermen’s catch of the day. This amazing dish is presented as the whole fish that’s been cooked table side. Then, with just a squirt of fresh lemon, then fish is sliced and served to you. The presentation of this meal is one like no other and should be experienced by all. 

To compliment the main course choose one of the following signature cocktails, Girl from St Barth which is Jalapeno infused pisco, passion fruit puree, mint, lime juice or the Amor de la barra which is combination of Jack Daniels, lime juice, fresh passion fruit and orange. 

To conclude your amazing lunch, order the Bagatelle style tiramisu.


Las Mimosas

Where sophistication meets tranquility, this boutique sea view hotel creates the ideal experience.  Fabulous spacious rooms, an extravagant outdoor pool and spa with a bar and restaurant; this masterclass provides all the necessary features to ensure your getaway is blissful. 

Las Mimosas offers two rooms, The Junior Suite and The suite. The Suite is the larger of the two rooms in a pastel white colour theme throughout. There is a full bathroom with an excellent shower. This room has one double/two single beds as well as a sofa bed, so it’s the perfect choice for three guests. The room is terraced providing breathtaking views of the Mediterranean waters and views over the hotels outside pool. The bathroom is fully equipped with all of your essentials and the suite has full access to the solarium and pool. 

 Mimo’s restaurant at Las Mimosas offers exquisite, authentic cuisine including freshly prepared Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Breakfast at Mimo’s is the perfect start to your day. They offer a range of egg dishes, such as Eggs Royale and Eggs Florentine. Further more they offer an array of toast dishes that include; Toast with tomato, mozzarella and pesto as well as toast with wood oven homemade ham.


Ocean Beach

For the perfect day party take a trip down to Ocean Beach.  The unique, luxury experience is tailored to every customer’s needs. Located seafront, ocean beach offers 360 degree views of the sea. Your luxurious experience begins the second you enter the club. The staff are amazing, greeting you at the entrance and work tirelessly to ensure their clients have everything they require.

Inside the beach club  you have the option of seated beach beds, tables and the choice of the VIP section. Throughout the day, you may enjoy a live performing DJ and a sea of people enjoying themselves on the dance floor. The entertainment at Ocean Beach is second to none.

Ocean Beach offers an array amazing foods ranging from fresh fruit platters to perfectly cooked calamari served with tartar sauce and fresh lemons. The fruit platters are wonderful; can you think of a better way to vibe in the heat of the Ibiza sun whilst listening to your favourite anthems, than to indulge in a mouthful of juicy fresh exotic fruits.

The entire Ocean Beach experience brings every customer the perfect blend of luxury and comfort and is a ‘must go’ place when visiting Ibiza.