Acqua Di Parma launches Yellow Café in Korea

Designed by Dorothée Meilichzon for Acqua di Parma, the new Acqua di Parma Yellow Café in Korea embodies Italian architectural heritage and Milanese creativity with the dynamic spirit of Seoul. With noble white stone finishing, arches, vaults, and curated details celebrating craftsmanship, the design also includes bold and vivid influences from the Memphis movement.

This narrative comes to life in a space that shines with the yellow of citrus, the Mediterranean blue, the mauve of Parma violet, and the pristine whites that sketch the city’s silhouette.

The boutique café is bathed in warm, inviting hues of yellow and cream, accented by the brand’s signature color palette. Plush, Acqua di Parma yellow seating offers a cozy ambiance, while round tables emphasize conviviality and sharing. The central kitchen area, flanked by shelves filled with Acqua di Parma products, serves as the bustling heart of the café.

The space is elegantly punctuated by artistic fixtures and textured materials that echo the zest of citrus—a nod to the brand’s heritage. The citrus peel texture, recreated in plaster, adorns various interior elements, including a sculpture of texture and perspective, a rectangular cube whose lines frame a staircase bathed in the light of the Maison’s yellow hues. In this masterpiece, ascending steps create a perspective that shines the spotlight on the Colonia bottle in its centre.

This motif pays homage to Acqua di Parma’s roots and is complemented by arches present throughout the space, from cabinetry to furniture. Dorothée has curated carpets from the Stroke collection designed by Sabine Marcelis for cc-tapis to further accentuate the softness and emblematic hues of her inspiration for the space.

The architecture is imbued with a sense of fluidity, featuring rounded arches on cabinets, reflective of classic Italian design, as well as the Maison’s elements, including white swirling displays reminiscent of the unfurling peel of the golden fruits. The Maison’s Art Deco bottle is interpreted in multiple forms, both subtle and prominent, from columns to tables, adding another layer of brand identity to the space. Two life-size Blu Mediterraneo bottles welcome guests at the entrance, covered in a soft blue velvet fabric.

“Designing the Acqua di Parma space in Korea was an exploration of cultural synthesis and vibrant aesthetics. My vision was to build bridges that connect the architectural heritage of Italy, particularly Milanese design, with the dynamic spirit of Korea, especially Seoul. I drew inspiration from the Memphis movement, while paying homage to giant monuments, white stone, arches, vaults, and porticos that speak of timeless beauty. They are all coming together to create a space that is as much a cultural dialogue as it is a design statement,” says the designer Meilichzon.

The café’s exquisite round bar sets the stage for the premium drip coffee experience, featuring three rare and high-end specialty coffee beans. Each cup is served with a printed note detailing the story and nuances of the coffee bean, akin to a narrative from Acqua di Parma’s olfactory pyramids of fragrance. Each hand-picked coffee bean will be inspired by a fragrance from Acqua di Parma and the menu will be updated seasonally to reflect the Maison’s new launches.

The full menu takes inspiration from Italian lifestyle influences, featuring delights including the Buongiorno Panna Cotta, Colonia Tart, Tiramisu, and Lemon/ Orange Mousse Cake. The space will also host exclusive VIP events and masterclasses, including coffee-tasting courses, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the rich world of coffee and fragrance.

A sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere, where every detail from the furniture to the decorative elements is carefully curated to offer a luxury Italian café experience.

Nestled within Lotte Avenuel Jamsil B1F, the Acqua di Parma Yellow Café goes beyond the typical café experience, providing a captivating journey into the brand’s unique aesthetic and rich heritage.