FIRE Steakhouse – Dublin

The ‘farm to fire’ philosophy is fully immortalised in the FIRE Steakhouse, a classy restaurant and lounge situated in Dublin. For connoisseurs of the finest meats, this steakhouse celebrates Irish beef’s journey from lush pastures to the sizzling grills; transforming it into classic and playful culinary marvels.

At the heart of FIRE Steakhouse’s allure is its unwavering commitment to grass-fed Irish beef. This dedication is brought to life through a partnership with the renowned Peter Hannon, a name synonymous with the exceptional Irish Hereford Prime beef. This collaboration not only brings forward the legacy of Irish farming but also ensures that every steak served is a narrative of quality, tradition, and unparalleled taste.

The culinary magic unfolds with their signature made-to-order steaks, each a testament to the chefs’ mastery over flame and flavour. A standout in their exquisite menu is the 16oz T-bone steak – a robust, flavour-packed delicacy that captures the essence of what makes the FIRE Steakhouse special, as well as looking delectable on a plate. The menu expands beyond its meat selection, embracing the sea with its surf and turf offerings. A gorgeous selection of seafood, including succulent oysters, caters to a diverse palette and challenges the classic steak with even more luxurious tastes.

Also an award winning bar in the centre of the city, the FIRE Steakhouse transforms by evening, resonating with Dublin’s vibrant nightlife. The ambiance is enhanced by the enchanting glow of fire-themed stained glass windows, creating a mood-lit setting that beckons guests. This intimate venue, with its warm décor, strikes a delightful balance between luxury and comfort, making it a perfect backdrop for both romantic escapades and spirited social gatherings.

FIRE Steakhouse is, in essence, a culinary haven where each meal is an experience, a celebration of Irish beef’s journey from the verdant fields to the finesse of fine dining. It is a place where tradition meets innovation, and where each dish served is a story of Ireland’s rich culinary heritage.