An Italian Delight at Lavo London

Ever since its grand opening in September 2023, Lavo London has been a top of my list. The allure of their colossal meatball and the legendary 20-layer peanut butter and chocolate cake slice has filled my social media feed one time too many to ignore.

As a member of the esteemed Tao Group, which boasts ownership of culinary gems like Hakkasan and Yauatcha, my expectations for Lavo were naturally very high. Stepping into the restaurant on a bustling Saturday evening, I was greeted by a vibrant scene. Large groups of friends and families excitedly occupied the spacious round tables, marking various celebrations. The atmosphere hummed with the unmistakable energy of an ‘it’ spot, with everyone dressed to impress.

The restaurant exuded a sleek and contemporary vibe, accentuated by the presence of towering olive trees nestled in oversized leather booths. It felt almost like stepping into an Italian courtyard, albeit indoors, with lush greenery surrounding us.

My dining companion and I wasted no time in ordering our welcome cocktails, opting for the Lavo Lini and Lavo Negroni. The Lavo Lini proved to be a delightful revelation, a Belvedere vodka base infused with peach, aloe vera, raspberry, pomelo, and hibiscus caviar— so good a second round was ordered without hesitation.

As an avid seafood lover, we commenced our meal with an array of starters to share, including yellowfin tuna tartare, grilled octopus, and artichoke gratin. Each dish arrived impeccably presented and in a timely manner. The tuna tartare dazzled with its freshness, complemented flawlessly by the tantalizing barbecue essence of the octopus.

Moving on to our main course, we continued our sharing spree, feeling particularly inclined to sample a variety of dishes. First up was the squid ink tagliolini, adorned with lobster and baby plum tomatoes in a Prosecco sauce—an absolute revelation. The sweetness and freshness of the tomatoes harmonised exquisitely with the succulent lobster, creating a truly unforgettable mix of flavours.

Our second main course, the dove sole with capers and Sorrento lemon, arrived seasoned to perfection, each bite tasted of the sea as if the fish had been caught from the ocean that very day. Accompanied by a refreshing herb salad. Of course, no meal would be complete without an order of truffle fries—because, really, who could resist?

Opting for a lighter approach, we restrained ourselves during the main course, reserving ample room for the pièce de résistance: the legendary 20-layer peanut butter and chocolate cake slice. And let me tell you, it lived up to every bit of its hype. Imagine the delectable slice of cake devoured by Bruce in Matilda—that’s the level of perfection we’re talking about here. The marriage of peanut butter and chocolate was executed flawlessly, resulting in a slice of sheer bliss.

So impressed were we by its divine taste that I couldn’t resist taking some home to share with my son over the next couple of days. If only it were possible to have this heavenly cake delivered straight to my doorstep—I’d be placing an order without hesitation.


The Botree, 30 Marylebone lane, W1U 2DR